In Focus, LEGO House Exhibition

You may or may not have seen it on our SoMe channels, but the Stuck in Plastic crew and their close friends worked on a little project with LEGO, Chronicle Books and our friends over at Brick Central. In October of 2022, LEGO released the ultimate coffee table book called “In Focus”, where you can “Explore the miniature world of LEGO® photography.”

The Exhibition

To celebrate the book, the LEGO House in Billund created an art exhibition.
Best of all, it was free for everyone.
And some of us were lucky enough to make the trip to the Home of the Brick for the opening day.
So what happened on our exciting day in Billund..?

Keep reading to find out more!


On Friday 27th January, a number of us arrived in Billund.
We travelled from England, Germany and Sweden. By plane, train and automobiles.
As some of us had a late arrival time (something about the plane not having a pilot), we gathered at the hotel bar to say hello.
It was the first time I had met everyone in person and was greeted with the mandatory bear hug from all.
We confirmed the plans for the morning, then headed off for some shut eye ahead of the big day.

The Big Day

We all met for a hearty breakfast before heading over to the LEGO House for a day of brick filled fun celebrating the book.

We arrived right on time to find Boris already set up waiting for our day to begin.
First up, we all donned our Stuck in Plastic T-shirts and started to have a look around the exhibiton.
To see so many of the many images on display was definitely something special and some of them were HUGE!!

Being toy photographers, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to take some images in the foyer of the LEGO House before it opened to the public. Cue members of SiP laying on the ground to take images and recovering fallen minifigures from plant pots.
Do not panic, all minifigures were safely recovered and returned to their owners.

Opening Time

The doors are open to the public and the first visitors started filling the foyer. It was incredible to see people stop and take a look at the images on display. People started to ask questions about the exhibition and it was great to see so much interest in it.

A glimpse of the exhibition

Throughout the day, visitors of all ages could build a minifigure from thousands of pieces put out for them.
Those were any AFOL’s table of dreams!

After having been assembled they were ready for a little photoshoot.
The crew then printed out the image for the people to take home.
The idea was to spark the creativity in others and share with them what we all do.
There was plenty of uptake from those visitors big and small!

Stefan in action

Taking photos is hungry work, so the team paused for lunch and headed off to the restaurant, MINICHEF. This is a very special restaurant as you use different coloured LEGO bricks to create your meal. Then you send the order to your favourite little Minifigure friends to prepare in the kitchen. Lunch break over, we were all fueled up for the afternoon workshops.

Our day started to come to an end.

But before it did, we embarked on something that none of us have done before: we sat for an autograph session.

Anyone who purchased a copy of the book that day could have it signed by those of us who were there.

Book Signing …

There was even one visitor who had purchased the book before and travelled to Billund especially to meet those of us who were there.

Getting ready to sign some copies

Closing Time

And that was a wrap.
Our day at the LEGO House was over and the end of the opening day of the exhibition!
We packed up our equipment and got one final groupie before we headed out for dinner together.

What is next?

Sadly the exhibition at LEGO House has by now come to an end.
But fear not, the book is still available to buy at the LEGO store or your local bookstore.
The images will also be part of the Art on the Road exhibition in Sweden.
It’ll start at Easter and will run all the way to the SiP Toy Photo Safari 2023 at the end of May and you can still join that one as well.

Have you found this interesting?
Want to know how we came to be a part of this project?
Then come back soon for a “Behind the scenes” Blog on how we got involved in the book.

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11 months ago

Awesome Claudia! You just made me think of bringing my book at the end of May to have your autographs So eager to meet you!

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