Twenty Two in Review

Well what a year Twenty Two has been
So many things happened and so many photos seen
It’s now time to wRap up this tour
And anticipate what’s next around the SiP door.
But first we take a look with a roarview
And look back on Twenty Twenty Two

It’s a Rap! And you smashed it


Twenty two kicked off with a manifest 
Sune put our thought process to the test
One, long exposure and a trip to sci-fi
January went past in the blink of an eye

A few featured January highlights


Natasja took over and created a scene
That included cool music and a Vidiyo theme
We got up close but some may have missed
Then February brought a scary love twist

A few featured February highlights


We marched into spring, we had come so far
You joined bev’s party at the greyscale bar
The stories were exposed in photographs 
Then she passed on the challenge and we went down more paths

A few featured March highlights


Although there were flaws and Maelick saw through a pin hole device
We rebuilt the world and that felt rather nice

A few featured April highlights


Friends joined us on the silver screen
With scientific facts and an explosion of colour, you got what we mean
Following on with a medieval quest
There was certainly no time for a rest!

A few featured May highlights


A frog’s perspective helped us see
And Stefan told us to get a move on, hurry hurry
To the midsommar party to help celebrate 
Invited one and all, and no one was late

A few featured June highlights


Then in the natural light of day
Jennifer’s facial expression gave it away
The party kept going into the blue night
And the next week a rainbow provided the light

A few featured July highlights


In a mash up of creatives and a summer of fun
Chris had use driving urban transport, we were now on a run
Not forgetting the addition of classic space
We certainly knew this wasn’t a race

A few featured August highlights


Boris took us back to wizarding school
Then something took over which was pretty cool
The awesome project a collaboration was now in review
With the front cover created by our very own @me2

The Official LEGO In Focus Book


In conjunction with the launch of the book
Lego in Focus go take a look
An exhibition in Skærbæk with our work in print and on view
What a fabulous way to remember twenty two

A Real life Exhibition


Then Boris & Wivi bought a new pad
Which has became SiP HQ, the crew are really glad
Lots of excitement and things lay ahead
With a few toy safari’s that has to be said

SiP HQ The Vita Magasinet


A countdown began to the end of the year
Filled with love and festive cheer
A postcard exchange sent to many places
We are told the cards lit up lots of faces

A few featured December highlights

Thank you to old friends and new
For joining the Stuck in Plastic crew 


As #sipgoestgiftwentytwo comes to an end and we close the door
Stay Stuck in Plastic because we have more …

Visit us on our discord, click on the link
With more creative challenges to get you think 

Keep an eye out for new adventures just around the corner

Happy New Year

Have a Happy New Year, time to take down your tree
Join us for new adventures in Twenty Twenty  Three

The Stuck in Plastic Crew 
Boris, Stefan, Maelick, Julien, Chris, Sune, Jennifer, Natasja & Bev 

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