TGIF Facial expressions

Morning everyone ☕️ and THANK YOU for sharing your quiet moment of happiness with us. Seeing all your awesome entries was inspiring and wonderful Wow!

SO! What’s up next ⁉️

This weekend is all about…….


First of all:
Choose one sentence given below and show me how your figure / favorite toy reacts to it.

Here we go:
Choose your topic/ sentence:

A) Nope! No more chocolate🍫 for you!
B) There is a dinosaur 🦖 behind you back!
C) Sorry! I ate your ice cream… 🥶😬
D) Hey! I started to watch📺 Obi-Wan Kenobi without you.
E) I thought your birthday is tomorrow 😲
F) What are you hiding behind your back??!
G) Cheers! 🍻 One more… ONE MORE 🤪
H) Who is in charge ⁉️
I) Something smells strange… what is it?!
J) Yes… the 75192 Millennium Falcon is your’s now!
K) Wake up! Knock knock ✊ ✊ !! Wake up!!!
L) You are cute 😇☺️


Take a closeup picture of your figures facial expression. We really want to see it up close!

TASK TWO: (Bonus if you want)

Show a wider angle of the the scenery where the story took place.

Format for both tasks is 1×1 🙌

I am more than curious about your ideas and how you interpret the sentence you will choose.
Hashtags for this weekend: #sipgoestgif_facialexpression #sipgoestwentytwo
AND please quote your chosen sentence in your post.

Enjoy the ride and have fun
Cheers, Jennifer aka jjk_brickphotography

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