My favorite color is 💙 BLUE 💙

and this weekend’s TGIF is all about
the color BLUE 💙🖌🌀🥏🟦🦋🚙🐟🔵

Read on for the full mission before you head out and start snapping your pics.

I want you to create a scene that contains:

night blue sky 🌌 
– some water (use whatever you feel comfortable with. Paper, plastic-wrap, hair gel, real water)
one animal (Yep… only one 😅 – that might be a hard choice to make… 🐈🐶🐰🐹🦊🦝🐻🐼🐖🐄🦄🐍🐝🦍🐒🦅🐟)

The mood: We want a late evening/night feel and the Format is landscape 3:2.
The rest is up to you 😇😊

HASHTAGS for this weekend: #SIPgoesTGIF_bluenight  #sipgoestwentytwo

What will be your late evening/night scene? 😊

If you need some inspiration:
▶️ A fisherman sitting by the water, having a drink and talking to a mouse 🐭.
▶️ An owl🦉 watching the lake at night.
▶️ Your minfigure/toy with your best friend 🐶 (a dog? a cat? a dinosaur??) sitting on the beach and enjoying the blue night sky.
▶️ A cat 🐈 sneaking out at night and looking after the fish 🐟  in the pond.
▶️ A couple enjoying a romantic late night camping dinner 🏕️  by the lake – being disturbed by a mosquito 🦟.
▶️ A Ninja on his boat ⛵️feeding the ‚Water Dragon‘ 🐉.
▶️ A cow 🐄 discovering her reflection in the pond at night 😅.

Let’s go ✌️Have fun setting up your frame and enjoy 😁🙏.

Summary :

  • late evening – night mood  🌃
  • Water 💦 
  • Sky 🌌
  • ONE animal 
  • FORMAT: landscape 3:2 👈

Cheers – Jennifer aka jjk_brickphotography

Want to know what’s up next?
The new theme for the upcoming tgif will be unveiled next Monday on our Discord server. Come on over and join us. 👋😀

Making of / Behind the scenes “the Moon”.

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Estelle Guyot Threepio
Estelle Guyot Threepio
1 year ago

It was a magical challenge

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