Well… this is my last mission before handing over the tgif baton to Chris Rose and I’d like to say:

☀️💖 T H A N K Y O U 💖☀️ The experience of hosting the TGIF challenges in July was fantastic. It was amazing to see written instructions come to life through your creative and inspiring work.

And now: TGIF – One more to go! WHAT’S UP NEXT?!?

My month was July, which is the 7th month of the year. This week will all be about NUMBER 7 / SEVEN.
A very happy, friendly and colorful Number 7, because:

💡📚 Isaac Newton discovered the visible spectrum of light. He observed the way each color of light would bend as it passed through a prism. 🧐🤓😲
There are 7 spectrums of light: RED / ORANGE / YELLOW / GREEN / BLUE / INDIGO / VIOLET

…wait a second! Do you see it??! YAY!

THAT’S A 🌈R 🌈A🌈 I🌈 N🌈 B🌈 O🌈 W🌈

Gimme a rainbow and make me smile 🥰😊😀

I want you to create a scene which includes:

  • A RAINBOW // or the colors of a rainbow.
  • Your favorite toy / minifig having fun.
  • Format: 4:5 vertical

*(The rainbow doesn’t need to be real. Could be paper, a sticker, paint, or probably your minifigure creating ‘rainbow artwork’ for you.)

Enjoy thinking about a colorful rainbow and your happy joyous figure/toy and create some
🌈R 🌈A🌈 I🌈 N🌈 B🌈 O🌈 W🌈-MAGIC.
I can’t wait to see what you‘ll come up with.

The hashtags for this weekend: #sipgoestgif_rainbow #sipgoestwentytwo

Happy TGIF, Jennifer aka jjk_brickphotography

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