A Jazz Quartet!

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing…

A fascinating Jazz Quartet built with 1606 pcs/pzs.

Beautiful and authentic details

The DRUMMER wears a stylish hat and elegant grey trousers, his hands and feet hitting the shiny golden cymbals, the bass drum pedal and the Hi-Hat – HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Shiny golden cymbals

Do you recognize the BASS PLAYER’s „controller” bow tie? You can really feel the thumping of the double bass strings.

Feel the thumping of the bass strings

The PIANIST displays her elegant fashion sense: Golden earrings combined with a warm yellow dress and designer shoes perfectly in place to push the sustain pedal after playing a full chord.

Playing a full chord

Our main soloist: The TRUMPETER is taking a deep breath before blowing his first note displaying a perfect body posture. He is ready to hit!

Ready to hit!

The LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet is a beautiful snapshot of a moment when music comes to life and touches your heart. Get inspired and imagine sitting in a club or concert hall immersing yourself into the exciting world of Jazz Music. Listen & Enjoy:

We – Natasja & Jennifer – like to thank the LEGO Group for providing this set for taking pictures. <3

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Suné Horn
Suné Horn
2 years ago

Your photos are absolutely beautiful and 100% capture the atmosphere of a mellow jazz performance in a cozy jazz bar.

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