Happy Midsummer- week25

The Sweet Smell Of Friday

Hello y’all.

How was the week? The news told me that in some parts of Europe it was extremely warm. Hoping you all got through it well. Maybe some of you attended the LEGO Con as well? I followed along while fixing dinner. And almost messed up the meal as there were quite some surprises to be seen from Billund… (you can watch it here )

Now thanks to everyone who shared their images last weekend. I was surprised to learn on our Discord that some of you had difficulties with it. May it be that choosing an item was easier said than done while others were struggling with the location or creating a frame.

I hear all of that and can tell you that I do understand. And I especially remember Suzanne talking about her “silly perfectionism”. I smiled about that. Still, at the same, time please don’t think of it as an obstacle.

Perfectionism to me is a sign of passion. If there was no passion, you wouldn’t join or little missions here, no? You may just have to understand that sometimes it is completely ok to ignore that urge to make it all 110% perfect.

Remember Flaws by @Maelick? That was an important aspect. I can highly recommend taking a seat in one of our workshops. One lesson there may be to be happy with results that you’d normally delete instantly. But enough of that. Let’s face the new weekend:

Hello week 25! It’s time for midsommar!

Our destination, the festivities around midsommar, are just around the corner. I’m not one hundred percent sure about the official date, but today we’ll celebrate! The journey will come to an end. No more changing perspective, no details to frame. Instead, we’re getting together with old friends and new ones alike. We’ll celebrate life itself as we share time together, sing, laugh, dine together.

For this week’s mission(s) you won’t need to call over hunchbacked relatives or false friends. All you need is your toys and your imaginative superpowers (or a real midsommar party, should you be invited to or throwing one).

Mission 1:

Share an image of your very own (imaginary or real) midsummer party. It can be a snapshot of mostly whatever comes to your mind when you think of midsommar (for inspiration you can rewatch the video on Midsommar I posted earlier). Just capture what you think expresses midsummer to you. A strawberry cake? Singing with friends and nubbe? A looong day (and a very short night)? Once again, YOU are the creative. Just remember to include your toys here.

Throwback to a midsummer in Sweden, many many moons ago…

Mission 2:

In the unlikely event that you want to push the limits and snap some more, here’s the extra mission just for you. Take a group photo of the guests at your party. Squeeze in the frame whoever is there. Will you get everyone in focus? Is everybody saying LEEEGOOO (cheeeese is so yesterday) when you push the trigger, or will there be some silly faces as well? Maybe someone always photobombs?

I intentionally am holding back sample images this time in order not to limit your ideas. Let them flow and surprise us with your results. And before I share the hashtags, remember:

This time it is not about perfectionism, it is about having fun!

As always you are welcome to share your images with us on IG. And when you do, please tag your images with

#SiPgoesTGIF_midsommar and

#SiPgoesTwentyTwo .


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