Rebuild the World

This week Stuck in Plastic is exhibiting at the LEGO World exhibition in Copenhagen. One of the themes of the exhibition is “Rebuild the World”, related to LEGO’s own Rebuild the World campaign. So this week will all be about rebuilding the world in a creative way.

How can we use our creativity as photographers to make the world a better place? How can we inspire people to be optimists no matter how dark times look? How can we imagine, and hopefully eventually create a brighter future? How can we overcome barriers and (re)unite people?

For me personally, rebuilding the world means creating images that make the world a better place by being a rebel and turning social and cultural expectations upside down.

For a long time, I’ve been particularly self-conscious about trying to break away from traditional gender norms and showcase female characters in roles often associated with men. This is probably most visible in my series of photos centered around the LEGO Elves and was a big part of my goal a few years ago for SiPgoes53.

But this goes beyond gender identity and norms and encompasses making our future environmentally sustainable, overcoming cultural stereotypes, breaking language barriers, making the world around us more accessible to those with disabilities, or preventing racial discrimination.

So for this week, I want to challenge you to use your photography to go beyond our social and cultural norms, inspire people to overcome barriers and create a world where people would accept and respect each other.

For this week, the hashtags are #sipgoestgif_rebuildtheworld and #sipgoestwentytwo

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