Making, not taking

TwentyTwentyTwo, Week 13

What a birthday party that was and I thank you all for joining in and celebrating with me. Looking back on Fifty years, it reminds me of how far photography has come and I recall starting my career shooting on 35mm Kodak film. 


During those early years, I had to limit the taking in order to create the making of a photograph. And, it was important to get it right in camera as you couldn’t go back and check if your settings were corrector rectify the final outcome. That meant the lighting had to be right and the composition was spot on. Indeed, I made mistakes and learnt a great deal from those errors.

The move away from film now means that we take so many pictures, many more than ever before. Instagram in particular is like a sea of images all craving the viewers attention and those dopamine likes.

But let’s take some time to ask ourselves, does continuous shooting always result in better photography and do the hysteria of likes always reflect on great photographic imagery. I know from my own perspective, I like what I like because I see incredible images.

I usually know what I am going to shoot and previsualize how it should look and then make my photo. Then the tweaks are made while setting the scene and looking through the camera at the composition. At the end I usually upload and often consider post-processing to give the image my final touches.

RAW Straight out of camera. No photoshop, no post-processing, no cropping – Limited

One Photo a Day

This is my final week hosting the #sipgoestgif challenges for March before I hand over to Maëlick and I thought we could run with an idea together. Something he suggested about taking one photo a day to ease him in gently. Yep you are limited to one photo a day. 

Because we are limiting your shooting ability, then you are free to interpret the challenge however you choose. All we ask is that you make your photograph and not just take it.

Make your choice

In the very beginning of twenty twenty two you looked at long exposures, then we created amazing diorama backgrounds, looked at lighting and went into the void to name but a few challenges. Every decision has counted for more and the time you have spent preparing and creating your own interpretations may have resulted in many to choose from before sharing.

Therefore, this week we are going to make one attempt, one frame to capture each day leading up to the weekend. If you are really disciplined, you may even only create one image and you know that’s the one that you share.

We know, it is difficult to imagine any photographer these days limiting themselves to one shot, especially in the digital era. But this will force you to give more consideration and by shooting less, you are forced to give more thoughts to each of the factors and those decisions will determine the outcome of your photograph. 

Factors such as exposure, composition, lens choices, focal points, backgrounds and framing. You may decide you love colour best or you have a new passion for a classical black and white image. You might even wonder about trying something completely new and make your photograph blurry by creating movement.

So far you have all produced amazing images and hopefully learned more about yourself as a photographer. So this week limit yourself and see where it takes you.

This week the hashtag is #sipgoestgif_limited

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