First Impressions from LEGO WORLD 2022

The first day of the LEGO World 2022 – Copenhagen Edition is a wrap. 
Three more days of awesome LEGO adventures including a little toy photography exhibition from your friends at Stuck In Plastic. 

An amazing experience.
And also a true surprise for us when we entered the Bella Convention Center this morning to look for our toy photography exhibition.
But first … 

Let’s go back to the beginning. 

We love to take pictures of toys. And it is a well known little secret that we have a crush on these shiny plastic figures and bricks called LEGO. We enjoy the digital canvas a lot. But we do LOVE to print our works and show them beyond the small screen of Instagram where they pass by in a Flickr. 

Postcards, print exchanges, booklets or exhibitions.
Naked or framed. 
Large or intimate.
Floating in the air or safely tucked to a wall.
It is a different kind of magic to see your work in print and having toy photography exhibitions in fine art galleries, large AFOL filled convention halls and iconic football arenas or respected museums around the world.
This is something we don’t shy away from.
We actually really love to do just that

Another email …

And that was what happened about two years ago. We exchanged a few emails back and forth with the great folks at LEGO. Thanks Kristina for making the introductions. The topic of the emails if we would be interested in exploring some exhibitions slash events together with LEGO here in Scandinavia to show some LEGO toy photography.
We said yes.

But shortly after, a small virus took planet Earth by surprise, and organizing real live exhibitions and big events was all of a sudden not such a good idea.
And then late last year the email thread was picked up again, if we would still be interested in exploring an exhibition.
At an event called LEGO World.
In Copenhagen.
And we said YES! YES, PLEASE! in a heartbeat.

It was a very digital and very virtual experience.
One or two zoom meetings (I think we actually used MS Teams and Google Meet, but you get the idea) and a few emails later we had a few themes to work around. 

Rebuild the World and Celebration were the two the crew selected. And we invited our circle of friends to join in the experiment. 
We shared the digital work with Pernille (one of our amazing hosts here at LEGO World). And we asked if we could help with printing, hanging them, …
Anything you normally have to do when preparing for an exhibition … but all was good. 
All was taken care of by Pernille and Mia and their team at LEGO World.


… a good 8 hour drive south from Stockholm. And still we had no clue on how the exhibition would  really look like. 
We had selected the works (a little bit more as what was asked).
We had discussed briefly the print size, but for the rest it was a mystery to us.

Me2 got himself in the queue line at 9:00 and he was not the first …

We got a first glimpse of the BELLA Conference Center when we landed at our spacy Hotel on Thursday evening. 
A small after-drive in the hotels sky bar on top of the LEGO World entrance (yep yep, that are LEGO flags down there and we could see them) and the industrial (boring) sky line turned into an interesting night city scape that revealed a first glance into the conference centre. A late dinner in the hotel restaurant. And time to get to bed for an early breakfast and getting in the queuing line.

The Morning After

Up till this moment we still did not know what to expect.  
Not kidding.
We had seen our name on the floor plan, but that was it. 

And what a surprise it was! 
The Bella Center is huge!
The audience was early up. The first guests were queing already at 9:00 AM (the doors opened at 9:45, and the event starts at 10)

First impressions on IG

On IG we streamed our first impressions. And you can see the excitement in my eyes and hear it in my voice (I admit, I talk a lot) when we discover our work hanging at LEGO World Copenhagen.
And then we discovered even more work.
Not kidding.

After having had exhibitions in Cape Town, Seattle, Daejon, Stockholm, Birmingham, Paris, Skaerbaek, London, Billund and Hamburg, we can now officially add Copenhagen to the list.

Young art lovers taking a closer look at the work …

Our creatives

Works have been handpicked from our SiP circle of friends and the exhibition contains works from Natasja (NL), Beverley (UK), Stefan (DE), Chris (UK), Suné (SK), Maëlick (BE/FI), Jennifer (DE), Boris (BE/SE), Scott (CA), Alice (DE), Stefan (SE), Stacy (UK), Claudia (DE) and Ian (UK). 

You can see the full digital exhibitions of Rebuild the world and Celebration in our online gallery but you won’t get that same feeling of seeing them hanging at LEGO World. 

We will be taking a closer look at all their work during tomorrows live stream when we will be at the LEGO World event for a full day.

See you at 10 AM on IG!


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