It Takes Two

We’re living at a time in history when it feels like we are living in a classic science fiction movie. Movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, or The Matrix comes to mind. This inspired the theme for the fourth week of the SipgoesTGIF challenge for Twenty Two; Sci-Fi.

We encouraged participants to delve into the topic of Sci-Fi.
To tell a unique story using elements of this genre.

We so often focus on creating beautiful images that we sometimes miss the opportunity to tell stories of our own.
Why not make the story personal or unique?
We all have experiences to borrow from to tell interesting stories.
Stories that put a little more imagination out into the world.
And encourage others to do the same.
Life is too short to keep telling the same stories with the same characters.

Here at Stuck in Plastic, telling a story is a crucial part of what we do.
Participating in the weekly challenges not only encourages you to flex your photography muscles, but also to exercise your storytelling skills.

Case in point, please enjoy this beautiful short story created by Estelle for the Sci-Fi challenge of last week.

In the distant future, ….

… pandemics and wars have devastated the earth and forced people to live alone. The few survivors have been given a piece of land on which they wander to the far reaches of the galaxy in search of a new planet….

When the loneliness is too heavy, they put on their virtual reality helmet, and they meet for …

…a tango.

It takes two to tango …

The story behind it

“I love this Bugs Bunny minifig, it inspires me a lot. For this science fiction theme, I didn’t want to use C3PO, I wanted something more quirky. I had taken the photo of the dancers for the challenge on the long exposure, but I had not used it. As Suné had mentioned the possibility of summarizing all the challenges of January, I started from this photo to create my story.

The virtual reality headset was a good way to bring the scene of the dancers into a sci-fi story, still had to find the reason for using a virtual reality headset this is how the story was born of the survivors of a destroyed earth who were granted a small piece of land on which they wander on the edge of the galaxy they are alone to avoid any possible contamination, but they are in search of a new planet to try to save the species. It’s romantic and sad, great love stories are often sad. I wanted to create emotion in this story, I hope I got there.”

(The human, friend of C-3Po)

You definitely touched some heart, Estelle.

Ohh. And before we forget …

Every month our guide and master of the SiP goes Twenty Two creative challenges will select one creative that stood out to them and have a little LEGO set shipped there way to further inspire their creative story telling. And guess what Estelle, Suné selected you.

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2 years ago

Thank you so much for this article It is a real pleasure to participate in the workshop every week

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