HispaBrick 37 On the Road

Our good friends over at The HispaBrick Magazine invited us to collaborate on issue 37 earlier this year. Little did we or they know the road ahead was going to be longer than expected.
We will let the HispaBrick crew explain about the bump in the road.
You can sit back and enjoy the ride in the latest 037 December 2021 edition.

Cover Photograph by @bevvypix

We are not only celebrating this issue as our dear friends have hit the road, but we also celebrate as our very own bevvypix features on the cover.

Modular Integrated Landscaping System aka MILS

This Magazine is full of content with features, reviews and endless roads. Who knew how many road structures you can build? And for those of you who love the open road, this issue is made up with more than half the magazine dedicated to MILS (Modular Integrated Landscaping System).

The HispaBrick crew started developing MILS modules over a decade ago. And you can read all about their journey and how they adapted the MILS concepts to roads. They even have pages dedicated to step-by-step instructions for some of the modules.

The cover

Needless to say, this magazine may have been in a traffic jam.
However, now its back on track and this 102 page edition is well worth the wait.
And at the end of the road, the HispaBrick Magazine team have produced a fabulous well designed issue. Thank you to Jetro and team for inviting us to join you on the road. And thank you gor featuring us on the cover once again.

You can read all about the cover shot inside the magazine. All you need to do is read or download the HBM037 edition via the HispaBrick Magazine. And there is an exclusive behind the scenes from Bev on pages 74 and 75.

Grab your Free Copy and take to the road.

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