The Great Reunion

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there were various heroes and heroines living in one big society. Time had brought them together and they were about to embark on a journey of discovery. There were energetic and peaceful, charming vibes amongst the society and it seemed to be always there.

Alexandre sails into a mystery

The Mysterious Boat

Then, one day, while working in the watchtower, Chumatembo saw a mysterious boat had somehow docked in on the shoreside of the island, and reported to Maximus about this unidentified boat.

Mike is on lookout with Chumatembo
Jenn and Elephas Maximus

Ignorance is bliss

However, Maximus didn’t take it seriously and just ordered him to forget about it and let anyone who had lost a boat just come find it and take it back.

Sorcerers are trouble

Maëlick and the sorcerer Kasahee

Yet, the sorcerer Kasahee sensed there’s something wrong with this particular boat, and had a feeling that she must inform the society, where if not, it might cause total apocalypse of the worst case.

Time flies …

Days and nights passed, and finally, Kasahee has got up with an idea that using what she could do the best – sorcery! From that night, something called “spiders” has been spotted around the society, where it hasn’t been seen before.

With this in mind, Kasahee secretly called on Quazi to extract the venom of the spiders. She was thinking ahead, just in case of any threat that might approach the society.

Logan learns from Quazi

Was it just an Incident?

The spider incident was intended to remain hidden. But one fine morning a spider was found in Will’s cottage. And a panic broke out. Now, it was the moment where they needed to find the source of this mysterious phenomenon, for the sake of restoring the harmony as it was.

Stefan visits Will’s cottage

We come in peace

Yet, little did the members know that these spiders didn’t actually want to cause much harm to them. Totally unbeknownst of that, and with immense fear of these little ones, Glenn made a decision and killed every spider that was in his sight.

Jana sees what Glenn Lumikarr is up to

Strange scribbles

The days passed by, and Einarr found out that the spiders were trying to deliver a message to the society. Then, as he recalled the first day since these spiders arose, there wasn’t any significant damage done to the society especially by these spiders. So, after realizing that, Einarr started to pay attention to the pattern of how these spiders moved around. One day, one spider brought him a piece of paper with something written on it, yet it was written in some old language that Einarr couldn’t understand properly.

Alice is with Einarr

Decoding the letter

Einarr decided to call upon the old general about what he’s seen. The General is an old soldier and has seen too many battles and languages alike.

And it had been eons since this language was used. The General too could barely understand what was written. Yet, he thought Einarr had a point, so he promised Einarr that he will stop killing the spiders and will rather pay attention to them, and will also inform everyone if he has found out something.

Alicia visits The General

Breakthrough moment.

Then, Einarr started to spread his new discovery, and Gath-Vankh found it interesting, so he started to join in the search for the hidden message. To try to find what these spiders were trying to tell.

David and the magical Gath-Vankh Mus-Vokh

Gath-Vankh is a magician and specializes in the manipulation of spirits. If this boat was in fact a ghost ship, then he felt he could summon the spirits and send them into another dimension.

Claudia with Oswald

Joining the adventure was Oswald. He thought that the crystals that he had collected over his travels could capture the spirits and lock them away for infinity.

Alas, Percival denied Einarr’s ideas and rejected to examine these spiders, totally believing that they do not belong here, and they didn’t come here in peace and kept believing that they would eventually cause some problem to the society.

Chris and the Ex Admiral Percival

To convince Percival, the dwellers decided to go examine the boat.
At first, it was hard to convince him, so The old general made a proposal to him he couldnt refuse. And so they set out to examine the mysterious boat.

With Chumatembo being the vanguard, finally, all dwellers went aboard on the boat, and the grand examination was done quickly but carefully.

Mystery resolved?

However, everything was totally the opposite of what the members had initially thought. Nothing suspicious was found, and it was just an empty abandoned boat. Yet, still with doubt, Percival asked Hawr for his abilities to look back in time and see where this boat was created. He said if Hawr says the boat is just a harmless boat, he will admit he was wrong and will apologize to everyone.

Bev time keeps with Hawr the Timekeeper

So, the final card was used, and with Hawr’s abilities, he started to follow the tracks since the boat was created.

And then, after a few moments, Hawr started to mention what he had seen.

Get this Party Started

He said, “The boat might have been mysterious, but actually it was nothing shady”. Even more good news was given to everyone by Leonidas; this boat turned out to be a perfect spot for a secret “fiesta”, which was waiting inside somewhere in this boat.

And when the final chest was opened, everyone was so excited to see what they’ve found out – the perfect stuff for a “fiesta loca”!

When the members found out, there was no more chaos but even more enthusiasm than before.

Suné and King Leonidas of Karoo

And with Phosphora’s party lights, here comes the fiesta with frenzy and crazy, yet fun vibes, and everyone was experiencing more fun than any other they have ever experienced (including some unexpected LEGO that made it inside the story).

Stacy brings Phosphora Fleder

The party ship had started and people came from near and far to eat cake and chocolate. The spiders had brought everyone together with the universe and no longer were the society scared of these little crawling souls.

The guests arrived shouting ¡Hola a todos! ¡Encantado de conocerte!

Mariela the Axolotl was there to greet them and the party went on into the dark of night.

Justin brings along Mariela the Axolotl and easter egg bump Shtacy image. A creative collab,

The End but is it the End?

The After Party

Header Image by Julien

As the party comes to an end and the spiders begin to return to their original destination, do you think Carmen Chameleon caught them all, or have they paid you a visit to your home this Autumn just to tell you all about our story and invite you to a Fiesta Loca? … 

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to all creative toy photographers to dive into this epic adventure, and especially Justin and Bev to put words to the story in less than 90 minutes at our #SiPgoesAutumnworkshop2021

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