SiPgoesTGIF: Trick Or Treat

Week 43.

And we started the SiPgoesTGIF as an experiment in week twenty-seven.
Sixteen weeks already.
Sixteen creative challenges and we are far from at the end of our creative pumpkin as we tend to say.

Orange is the new black this week

Hallowe’en. All Hallowe’en. All Hallows’ Eve or just in good old Irish Halloween marks the beginning of Allhallowtide. It is celebrated in many countries around the world with pumpkins and candy alike. And guess what, 👻 it happens to be this weekend. 

And so we join in the pumpkin madness this week. 

Our theme of this week finds its origin in Ireland. It is rumored that Scotland and Wales have their fair share of guising as well.
For the non-native Islanders, guising is what we foreigners call trick or treat.
And that is what our 🎃 theme will be for this week’s SiPgoesTGIF.
TGIF is also known as Thank Godtfred it is Friday.

So here is the creative challenge we posted on Monday.

Yep. Every Monday we post the TGIF creative challenge in our discord chat server for our creative toy photography community to absorb and put to live. And this is what we posted.

Celebrate Halloween 🎃 👻 by creating a story around the trick-or-treat tradition that can be found all around the world. It can be one image that has it all, or a short series of images that tell the story with a beginning, a conflict and a happy ending. Or you may decide to theme up with a fellow 🧸 📸 here and create a collaborative story that jumps between the two. Trick a fellow creative to join you in treating us with a creative collaboration. 

So, three levels in this week’s challenge. 

🎃 – create a single Halloween image 

🎃🎃 – create a real story with 3 (or more) images that have a beginning, a suspense moment, and a happy ending. 

🎃🎃🎃 – create a collaboration with a fellow 🧸 📸 here and work out a story together. It can be a continuation of a developing story, or it can be the different viewpoints or …

And for the pumpkin team challenge, we really did not know where this would lead us.
Would our creative bunch get together and pick up the proverbial needle in the haystack and start to work together on a collaborative story. Only time would tell.

And this is where the magic started to happen.

Not only did we see (as always) individual magic appear on our Discord channel like this amazing eye candy of Scott. We also started to see some creative collaboration pop up and people ask to collaborate.

The First Creative Collaboration

Yes, the hidden gem in this challenge was to see the creative collaboration and for sure the magic happened. The first to post their collaborative experiment was Ann, Angel, and Justin. And not just a photographic collaboration, but true story telling as well.

So let us introduce you to the shortened storyline.
And the original uncut version can be found on our Discord Channel

Halloween has come to the town.
by Ann, Angel and Justin

James, the Painter

James, the young painter, stopped in the festively decorated street to look at the small picture shop. His old cloak showed him as a man who was devoted to his art and who had no time to trouble himself about his clothes. He silently smiled at all the dirty oil paintings.

“I will see if there is anything for me”…

The painter had heard stories about pictures of the great masters having been found among the rubbish of cheap stores. He started his search among some old family portraits, whose descendants, probably, could not be found on earth…

*TreatWhat happened next? What did the painting look like? Who did painting resemble? Intrigued! then go check out the Original uncut version found on our Discord Channel

The Portrait was Looking.

Looking… James had an unpleasant feeling, inexplicable even to himself, but saw the work of a great artist in this dusty and defaced painting. So James unexpectedly became the purchaser of the old portrait, and at the same time thought to himself. “Why have I bought it?” He came back to the joyful and colorful street, but all the shining pumpkins and paper ghosts didn’t exist to him anymore: James’ thoughts became gloomy.

Walking in the direction of his poor studio, he remembered that the coin he had given for the painting was his last. He entered a dark room and placed the portrait on the floor.

Why have I bought it?

The artist suddenly shuddered and turned pale. A convulsively distorted face gazed at him, peeping from the surrounding canvas; two terrible eyes were fixed straight upon him; on the mouth was written a menacing command of silence. But the sensation of fear died away in a moment: it was the portrait he had bought and which he had quite forgotten. The light of the moon illuminating the chamber had fallen upon it and gave it a strange likeness to life.

The Portrait

It suddenly became terrible to James to sit alone in the room…

Again he approached the portrait, in order to observe the old man’s eyes, and remarked, with terror, that they were gazing at him.

The Scream

The light of the moon heightened the whiteness of the sheet, and it seemed to James that the terrible face was visible through the cloth. With terror, he saw there was no longer a sheet. His heart grew cold. The old man moved, and suddenly, supporting himself on the frame with both arms, left the frame. The poor artist tried to scream and felt that his voice was gone. He watched anxiously.

He looked at the painting and his courage was once again melted away as he confirmed that the painting have no figure on it. His heart stopped beating when he felt a breath of cold air on his neck. He slowly turned his head around hoping to find nothing but alas he saw the old man from the painting.

The old man whispered in a ghastly voice, “Your body is mine”.

No voice to scream …

…forcing his body to move, James turned around to turn the lamp on his bedside table.

Where did the painting go …

As soon as the light switched on, he mustered all his courage and turned back to the direction of the emerging creature from the painting but nothing was there …

James woke up from a loud banging on his door.

In a panic, he runs towards the door but he caught a glimpse of the painting and to his surprise, the Portrait is back on its original state. He looked around and the warm sunlight gave him comfort and he wondered if all that happened was just a dream.

He opened his door and…

Trick or Treat! Some kids were outside the door asking for some candies. James, being totally relieved, gave the kids some candies and went back in the house, but found the painting was gone. And where the spot of the painting was, there was a lad with a fan with himself. “My apologies for the trespassing, but I had no other choice to do so.

My name is Woochi Jeon, a legendary sorcerer of Korea. This painting doesn’t belong to the mortal world as it will function as a portal between the spirit world and the mortal world.
If you don’t mind, may I take this painting from you?” James agreed to do so, but then Woochi asked him “where did you get the painting?”

James then mentioned the place where he bought it, but then Woochi, with a shocked tone, said “Oh lord…I’m too late…” James then asked “too late for what…?”

James could put the blame for his recent nightmares on Halloween but… Woochi was real. And the painter was sure that the vanishing portrait wasn’t the sorcerer’s joke. A dark suspicion invaded James: “I gave him the address of the shop… The vender is in danger!”

The young man hurried back to the picture-shop. A sign over the entrance froze his blood:

“Closed forever”.

James turned his eyes on the window… What happened to this place?! It looked like a dark wizard’s shop full of strange and scary objects. “Do the people see it? The inhabitants’ faces are lighting with surprise and pleasure… of course, they’re mistaking it for a shop with Halloween decorations!”

Suddenly James noticed an envelope and a big bag that seemed to appear before his eyes. With trembling hands he got a photo of an unknown Asiatic village and a short letter:

*Trick or Treat? What was in the letter? What happened next? Why is the shop closed forever?
Wanna know more then check out the Original Uncut Version found on our Discord

The End.

A most lengthy short story for us here on SiP, but we have to salute the creatives for this collaborative master piece of James, and we can’t wait to see what other Trick Or Treat stories we will get this weekend. Tag us using the hashtag #SiPgoestgif_halloween

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