Meet The Heroes

What started as an experiment in the Spring workshop, has turned into a tradition where we get creative from the beginning and really model our own character after their backstory and get the paint sets out.

This time it was no different and all participants got a black 3D printed figurine ready to paint to their likings, and create a backstory before we would meet on Friday.

So, without further ado, let us present you the heroes of tomorrow’s adventure.

Elephas Maximus

The mighty Elephas Maximus by JJK

He’s strong, he’s fearless, he’s a leader and he lost a part of his trunk in a big fight. 

If something is in the way, he will remove it with all his might. If there are thick walls to break through, he will do it! When someone needs protection, he is there to help! His roots go back a long way and he is the proud leader of a big family.


Lady Carmen by Julien

Carmen, the chameleon, likes to play with magic forces. She learned to master the light arts in a monastery lost on an island in the Indian Ocean. She has a twin brother who disappeared but why? 

Phosphora Fleder

The magnificent Phosphora by Stacy

Phosphora Fleder, The Magnificent Light-Bearer, had seen the dark (how do you think she lost her leg?). But that is precisely the reason that she could control the light. When she came upon the ancient relic, the Torch of Lux, deep in a cave in the Great Southern Land (Australia as it is now known), she knew she had to use it for good and not for evil. And so she made it her life goal to bring light to the world and all its creatures.


Vet Quazi by Logan

Quazi, a veteran of medicine and war. After years of traveling the globe, he returned home to aide his countrymen during the Tasmanian Terror. Master of venom and close-quarters combat, he used his talents to fend off the invaders, as well as treat the injuries of his compatriots. Stoic on the battlefield and humorous in the camps, he finds that sometimes a laugh heals the mind as much as medicine heals the body.


Admiral Percival by Chris

Ex Admiral Percival the swashbuckling parrot was dismissed from the navy due to his over-fondness of rum. He now spends his days in full uniform wandering the woods drinking and practicing his sword skills.

Glenn Lumikarr

Yep. Glenn by Jana

Glenn Lumikarr is working for whoever pays the most and gives the most beer. He likes to have fun with his colleagues. He has a weakness for dogs and cats and other cute things.

Hawr. The Timekeeper

The Timekeeper by Bev

An immortal slave to his body clock, Hawr is more active at night-time. He is known as the timekeeper and his magnetic signal connected to earth enables him to fly forward or backward through time. But beware, if Hawr is disturbed during the daylight hours, the timekeeper has a great power to manipulate energy. Indicated by the sound of the old bell that echoes across the world. He can destroy his enemy to dust or reverse the aging process before life begins. 


The General by Alicia

This is The General. An old soldier that has seen too many battles. He is looking at the enemy he is about to fight not understanding what is the point of the war or how it started. A ferocious fighter and skilled strategist, he rarely loses. He is loyal and he will always follow orders, even when he does not agree or understand.


The Warrior by Alice

Einarr is a huge warrior who is known far across the borders of the country. Legends say that he once eliminated seven enemies at once by only one big swing with his massive hammer. He has fought in several wars and always came out of them without a single scratch. Therefore there is a stubborn rumor that he is somehow magically protected. What only a few trusted friends know: Einarr is an absolutely sensitive soul who most likely will be found at home feeding the birds and reading a book in his blooming gardens.


Is the adventure to start with this Boaty by Alexandre

This boat is based in the city of La Rochelle in France. It’s a little cute boat that spends his time finding fish for people from the city.

King Leonidas of Karoo

Leonidas by Suné

King Leonidas of Karoo is a warrior king who believes in fighting alongside his warriors in war. He hates the politics of court and believes strongly in the saying “when deeds speak, words are nothing”. During the battle of Isandlwana, the enchanted blade of an enemy fighter. The enchantment in the blade caused him to be able to see into the future when he is in the presence of a powerful magician. 


The one and only Oswald by Claudia

Oswald has a strong sense of adventure and loves to travel the world. He originates from Eastern Australia and has seen many interesting sights and battles on his journeys. He is a strong warrior when he is required to fight for the greater good but when not on the battlefield has a calming presence about him. Displayed in his armour, are crystals that he has collected from different battles around the world and displays them with pride, as any battle hero would, but they also serve as a warning to foe to not cross him.


Shadow Sorceress Kasahee by Maëlick

Kasahee is a shadow sorceress who feeds from dark energy gathered from people’s nightmares. She feels lonely and longs to find someone who will understand her and won’t be scared by her dark magic powers.

Chumatembo, Protector of the Great Plains.

Chumatembo by Mike

A mythical spirit is said to protect those that live on the Great Plains. Chumatembo will appear before the Plainsfolk in times of great need.


Mc. Will. By Stefan

This is Will, or Captain Mc Pirarrot (Pirate / Parrot) as he started to call himself.

He used to work at a big company for many years but in the end it was too much and Will had enough!

He quit his job and started to dress as a pirate and travels from hospital to hospital spreading all that he was missing at his last job. Smiles and happiness!

Gath-Vankh Mus-Vokh

The Magician Gath-Vankh by David

Born into a family of warriors, Gath-Vankh is a magician and specialized in the manipulation of spirits.

He mainly uses his powers to heal people of their fears, make them regain their memory, or help them find inner peace.

However, he also knows how to handle water, air, fire, and earth.
Strangely, his family isn’t made of chameleons like he is, but they’re all hedgehogs.
Is there something he doesn’t know about his past?


Mariela by Justin

¡Hola a todos! ¡Encantado de conocerte! Meet Mariela the Axolotl, where she is known as the heroine among her kind. Only being found in Lake Xochimilco in Mexico, there were days when these Axolotls lived in pure harmony and peace, and everything seemed to go “happily ever after”.

Alas, after Men discovered these unique beings, their greed has broken the peaceful society, only leaving total apocalypse. The axolotls were totally defenseless of this sabotage until Mariela arose from their kind. Mariela seemed to have different talents than any others, and the surviving axolotls believed that she’s the only hope that could save the suffering remains. Yet, she is not hostile to mankind; even you can be a friend of her too if she thinks that you are on her side. She is willing to befriend anyone on this planet, regardless of their species, as she uses her friendship as the basic means to save her kind from extinction.

And finally, the Mexican government established special regulations to protect the axolotls, and all axolotls believe that it is because of Mariela’s abilities and wisdom, even making allies within mankind too. Or who knows, her special ability might be wisdom itself!

Now she’s a living legend among the axolotls, being a true heroine for them.

Crossing boundaries by Joe C.

Stay tuned for a story to unleash and bring all these heroes and heroines together in an epic adventure of friendship and battle.

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