Autumn is here.

Some say Winter is coming.
I dare to say Autumn is here.
And this weekend was packed with Autumn Awesomeness.
Yep, Autumn is here.

The SiP Autumn Workshop 2021 is a wrap, and the SiPgoesTGIF Autumn edition is in full swing with already more than 100 entries.

It was the last Virtual Workshop of this year. Completing a full season of workshops (more on that later). The 13th edition of our Thank Godtfred It Is Friday weekly creative challenge, also known as TGIF with more than 500 awesome images on Instagram, and growing every week with new creative challenges. And yes, tomorrow we have already a new one in our Discord #TGIF chat channel for those that cannot wait till Friday.

And then we have our traditional Xmas card exchange for which you can still join this week (closing the 10th)

Autumn is here.
And it is in full swing.
And then there was the workshop.

The Autumn Workshop

Every workshop this season we started with the opening of the envelopes and some smaller warm-up exercises and some after-work chit chat. And being the toastmaster of the event, I almost missed the opening because of my plane being late (yep, first international business travel within Europe (in coach) since March 2020 and you almost forget that these big birds may have delays as well).

The Unboxing

I just made it in time for the opening drinks. The traditional welcome speech, and the unboxing of the mystery envelopes. They contained some spiders, some Fabuland, and some Marvel LEGO figurines, and some little swag.

The First Exercises

The very first warming up exercises was made up of some good old selfie-shooting both with the traditional SigFig which we shared already yesterday on IG …

The Marvel Autumn Challenge

And then there was a little bonus challenge to be completed before the Saturday Morning welcome coffee. Create a SiP goes TGIF Autumn image with your Marvel Minifigure.

Do you recognize the style of every toy photographer and can match it to their picture above? If not, just head over to our @stuckinplastic IG feed and discover them all. They are awesome and great people to follow.

PS. A special thank you …

A special thanks to Bev who kept the Autumn feed shout-out going while we were having our SiP Autumn Workshop and creating amazing images at the same time. Just like this Lady Britannica from the Land of Wales featured in our header image.

Special Thanks To Bev.

PPS. Yes, winter is coming ….

Thanks, Lego for featuring Bev and Julien in their winter wonderland.

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