A Date Gone Wrong

An invitation received

One evening Loki Laufeyson received a message from Sylvie to meet for drinks.
Loki swelled with excitement!

He wanted to look his very best but could not settle on the right outfit for the evening.
He thought to himself:

Maybe Asgardian leather, oh yeah! The Horns!!
No no, too much
Perhaps something a bit more heroic, patriotic…
No! No costumes! Just hair back
And flowers!
Everyone loves flowers!”

An unexpected sight

But when he arrived he saw a sight he had not anticipated.
The horrifying sight of his Sylvie with this other Loki!
Not even a human Loki!

Then Sylvie spoke:

“Ohh… heyyy Loki, I can totally explain this!
Well, not really, but you see, I tried to message you back after you responded…
I messaged the wrong Loki…
…awkward, isn’t it?”

The novella

The Lokis stared at one another in disbelief that such an unexpected love triangle had formed.
Little did any of them realize that Throg was staring longingly forward as well.

Perhaps a love square?
Where shall this novella go next?

Another Toy Photographer. Another Story

As part of our blue carpet series, we invited toy photographers young and old around the world to join us in this creative review of the latest Marvel series and Sunti took us on a date gone wrong.

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