It has been a while.
I have to admit.
Not me neglecting the blog, that is tradition and comes in waves (more on that later).
No, instant fun when shooting LEGO.
Just out and about snapping fun images in the wild.
No previsualizations.
And no advanced planning.
No planned UGC shoots with NDA sets either. Just instant fun when walking around with a camera and some toys. And that is what happened this week. Instant, unscheduled, fun.

The background.

My summer holidays kicked in this week, and we started with a quick trip to the south of Sweden. I had some toys along and a few cameras, but no big plans on shooting stuff.
No big adventures planned.
This was more a gastronomic exploration of the South of Sweden with close friends. Visiting a piece of coast I had not visited before.
Touristic(al) attractions along the way.
Including small villages, coastal roads, and a bunch of stones.
Ale’s stones.
And that is where the insta-magic happened.
Read on.

Ale’s Stones

A stone cast away from Ystad, the home of the infamous Wallander series there is an old Viking grave and we were set out to visit it (and we were not alone).
A small hike up the cliff and that is where my previsualization hit me.

Ale’s Cows

Ale’s Cows looking out over the Sea.

Just outside the graveyard site, Ale’s cows were making sure Swedish milk and butter were made in the most non-stressful way cows can make their milk.
Ignoring the tourists behind their back, looking out at the water.
And then there was Bella.

Bella’s Grass

La Bella

And then it dawned on me.
I had Bella the cow with me.
She accidentally made it in to my travel bag when I took a last glance around before setting out on this adventure. And she was in my photo bag.
An idea started to previsualize in my head.
No time to over engineer. Just get her out and get some images when we got to the stones. Instant fun.

The road ahead.

We were not alone.

An ancient site. A universal clock. And lots of people here today.

A lot of people.
Really. As a classic HDR landscape photographer this would just be a scouting exercise, yet here I was.
An iconic site.
A plastic cow in my pocket.
And a camera ready to shoot.


And so it began …
A first shot on the headstone.

To cow, or not to cow …

Wind. And the blu tack was in the car …

And the fun continues …

Taking cow selfies amongst the visitors …

And even Kalle joined in the fun …

And my inner child envisoned a 5:1 image (just kidding)


And so bottomline.
This little ad-hoc shoot left me all smiles and happy for the rest of the day.
That special feeling when an insta moment becomes insta fun and a great and unplanned tresure even without any insta likes on our platform of kicks called instagram.

Playing with moods and filters …

PS. The Blog

So back to the begining.
I mentioned the blog was slacking a little, and that is true.
We have been (very) busy with our SiP Workshops and that took a lot of energy.
Energy we did not always blogged about.
And maybe we should.
Be afterall, we are an acoustic gang.
Not looking for the massive likes and recoginizations.
Going our own, slow acoustic way.
One shoot at the time.
And if you have read this far, it may be worth to check our little new playground.
You may like it.
And so do we.

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2 years ago

Now, this is a special one to me, Boris.
It just took me back all those years (ok, not too many) to that time when you invited me in. There’s so much of that in this text. It almost feels like home.
(Thank you. Bearhug.)

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