An Awesome Explosion of Colour

It was no ordinary Saturday, in fact the Stuck in Plastic #SiPSummerworkshop2021 was due to commence. When suddenly! The crew and friends, realised they had actually woken up to an awesome explosion of colour. The colours of the rainbow had spread across the world. The bricks had landed in all sorts of different locations. With help needed. The workshop participants called on a group of superheroes to restore the chaos that had dominated Planet Earth. 

To save the day. The awesome citizens were asked to create a magical heart made from their generated colour. This would help to restore the rainbow, bringing peace and love back to the world. 

Along the way, the superheroes thought it best to have help because after all, everyone is awesome especially those who were already starting to rebuild the hearts after the explosion …

Huntress and Red


After the massive rainbow explosion, Huntress was first to brave the challenge ahead and headed out into the world to find out what she can do to help. She found Red out in the woods, and decides to give him a hand in rebuilding his heart.

Sea King and Purplepix


As the crime syndicates very own Aquaman (aka Sea King) exploded out of water, along with the splashes. He released lots of bricks that had sank to the bottom of the sea bed. Purplepix was passing by on a purple balloon when she couldn’t help but noticed the explosion. 

As the breeze took her across the sky, she caught sight of a purple brick element and she quickly reached for it. Purplepix was very aware that the rainbow needed rebuilding to make the world awesome again.

Mr Miracle meets his Pink lady


Mister Miracle noticed the explosion of bricks scattered across the road and a pink lady trying to search for the bricks. He stopped to help her rebuild the heart that had started to be pieced together as it was getting harder to reach the top. With some teamwork, the heart can be rebuilt and the rainbow returned!

The Batman and Orange

Stefan K

In a mission to collect the coloured bricks. Orange called on the help of Batman to assist and tow his ship back to shore after getting into trouble collecting the bricks he needed to rebuild the heart. This was no match for the superpowers of Batman and they arrived back on shore safely with the required pieces.

Sea King and Mr Blue


After helping out Purplepix, Sea King became much happier and teamed up with Mister Blue from the Rainbow Family. They collected all of the blue bricks that had been floating in the water after the explosion. By creating a big blue heart to help repair the rainbow they felt they had completed their mission.

The Joker on the Pink trail


Accompanied by their trusty Flamingosaurus Rex, the Pink and the Joker went on an adventure following a trail of pink bricks that eventually led them to the pink heart. It was about time they found it, as they barely had enough cotton candy for the return trip home.

Cyborg’s Yellow heart


Cyborg came across a mess of yellow bricks that would need reassembling in order to complete the rainbow. After some amazing teamwork, they built the heart and relaxed for the rest of the day knowing that they had done their part to restore the rainbow.  

Cheetah goes Green


Mistaking the green bricks for her sack of loot, Cheetah rushed to grab them all. Much to her annoyance she realised that they weren’t. Cheetah instead had a change of heart and helped Green to re-build them all.

Mr Freeze helps Blue


Mr.Freeze wasn’t a good guy in general, but when Blue called out to help him sort the colours and put the rainbow back in place in the name of LOVE he couldn’t refuse and instantly lent a hand. (Since Blue and Mr.Freeze are good friends and like to hang out from time to time for a hot chocolate or a cold beer.)

Bumblebee rescues Orange


Knowing that the world was in chaos, Orange really wanted to build a heart to bring hope to the world, of course, it’s an orange heart! Bumblebee comes to the rescue to help Orange out and collects the orange pieces from this pile of the explosion and together they completed the rainbow heart.

Green Lantern with the Purple Heart


With the ring of green willpower, anything was possible and the only restraint is the yielder of the ring. Green Lantern built a heart with his ring and was about to show its “love” along with willpower to the universe to support justice. Even in the brightest day, in blackest night, the world was coming together to help everyone out.

The Flash with the Red heart


Mister Red called on the only hero who has the power to help him to rebuild the Red Heart in time before the end of the BrickWorld: The Flash ! 

Even if he would prefer to run all over the world, he decided to use the Speed Force to bring all the red bricks to finish the Red Heart. (And he also took time to explain to Mister Red that he was in fact much faster than Superman.) 

Wonder Women works with Ms Green


Wonder Woman and Ms Green worked together to collect the green pieces. Wonder Woman was getting tired and losing motivation. Before Wonder Woman could lose all motivation, a rainbow light appeared that reminded Wonder Woman what she was fighting for and motivated her to catch the green heart.

Teamwork makes the Dream work


The news spread, announcing the hearts were rebuilding the world. All the awesome citizens were grateful for the help from the superheroes. Finally, the great rainbow heart was restored with an array of colours. Resulting in peace and love shared throughout the world!!

Follow our workshop as SiP rebuilds the world #sipsummerworkshop2021

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