The After Work Shop

Twenty Twenty One is for sure the year of the workshops here on Stuck In Plastic.

Our Winter Workshop was a success, the Spring One got a second edition in no time and it is already time to get the Summer One on the road.
But first things first.
We listen to your feedback after every workshop and take this to our hearts. 

Natasja’s 5:1 wide selfie from the spring edition

The Friday After Work

This Friday we will have our very first SiP After Work Hangout, where we will just chill, reflect and talk about the RLFM days that will be just behind us and hang out with old and new friends alike.

No stressful shoots.
No crazy formats to break your head and camera gear over.
Just a friendly chill after work.

What to bring along?
A passion for LEGO, being 18+ as we may be serving beers and port, and good spirits … and Google Meet.

Here you can add it to your calendar

JJK selfie in the 5:1 format challenge from last Spring Workshop

Sunday Morning Brunch 

And there is more. Before we get into the Summer Workshop we will be organizing a Sunday morning breakfast workshop as well. This one is open for everyone to join, free of charge, and good for both seasoned toy photographers and newbies alike. A two-hour coffee workshop exploring your creative souls.

Update. The very first was planned for June 6th at 10 AM CET but due to the confusion on how to get the invite in and the 18+ of the after work, we are working on the logistics with a new time and place and registration system coming your way. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the blog.

The Summer One

And then there will be the Summer Workshop 2021

Chris got code red this time …

The format is the same.
16 participants.
An amazing creative experience.
And a mystery envelope at your doorsteps.

We start on Friday evening and we continue on Saturday.

A full packed agenda of creative story telling, deadlines and pushing your creative boundaries in a fun and challenging way. 

The official date is Saturday 3rd July (we start on Friday evening CET). And if we get significantly more than 16 participants, we will do a second one the Saturday after.

What is needed?

We need YOU during the full workshop. It is a team workshop so if you cannot be in the zone then this one is not for you. Your team mates do count on you. Of course, there are always last-minute emergencies that can happen, but please don’t plan around a wedding or a family anniversary.

Good mood.
Good internet connection.
Your digital camera of choice. Analog cameras may come later this year.
Some extra LEGO will never hurt.
No Playmobil needed this time.
And art and craft skills may come in handy as well this time.

The Registration Fee.

And registration is required and you can register here.
The registration fee for shipping and handling of the logistics is 30 EUR.

Bev doing a quick recount at the last spring workshop


So, just recapping all this awesomeness for you:

The After Work Hangout

Next week Friday (28th of May) at 18:00 CET.
No registration required (but feel free to add to the calendar).
Free entrance. 18+.

The Sunday Morning Brunch

Being rescheduled.
Stay tuned.
Pre-registration very much appreciated so we know how many croissants we need.
Free entrance.

The Summer Workshop

Saturday 3rd July

Registration required.
Limited seats available
Registration fee: 30 EUR

Crash for sure will crash our workshops once again. And maybe we will have a real MLP workshop one day.

Got any questions? Please leave share them in the comment section and we’ll get back to you in (hopefully) no time.

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5 months ago

Update. The Sunday Morning Brunch is being rescheduled due to logistics with the preregistration system.

A post coming up with more details, a new registration form and then some.

5 months ago

The registration form for the Summer Workshop has been closed and an invitation email with final registration details has been sent to the email you registered with. If you didn’t get it, do check the classic spam folder, it may have landed there.