Sesame Street

With all the craze around the latest LEGO Ideas Winnie The Pooh set (read the press release here, and Natasja’s first impressions here) one would almost forget the amazing LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street set that was released only in November of last year.

Stefan and Boris got the pleasure of shooting it for LEGO.
And now you can find the full series they did in our stuck in plastic gallery for you all to enjoy. And we even give away one professionally printed art piece to one lucky Sesame Street fan (so do read on).

But first let us share some of the fun and thoughts our two young-hearted photogs had when shooting this set.

Fluffy Friends

Stefan And His Silly Brain

My personal experience started with a little surprise. Back in my childhood days both Sesame Street and LEGO had been two reliable parts of my young life. I grew up with Ernie and Bert laughing, going to the beach and having silly and funny conversations. I remembered Ernie’s second best friend, rubber duckie, and the song Ernie had sung in the bathtub. Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Oscar in his trash can were there as well.
But who was Mr. Snuffleupagus?
What kind of place was Hooper’s ?
Biff and Sully?

Biff and Sully anyone?

I seriously can’t tell whether my memory simply failed me after all those years or I didn’t remember them because they hadn’t appeared on the German version of the show. But they were right there in front of me and that was a total win.

Minifigure Heaven

After I had refreshed my memories I started building the set. And first things first: there were six brand new characters! This meant newly moulded heads and printed details on them. (And while Big Bird, Oscar and Cookie Monster keep their eyes on eye level, Elmo, Ernie and Bert seem to somehow look up. Up to Big Bird? Up to the sky?) Much to my relief I found some more old friends, added as stickers. (Thinking of the cost for the mould for any given new element, this set is simply a gift to all minifigure fans.) I knew I wanted to include them in my photos as well.

” Bert? You still awake? Bert? Hey Bert!”

While I would have loved to see movable short legs for all the figures, I also understand there had to be different body heights amongst the six. In the end it only added more fun to shooting a groupie of the fluffy friends.

The place itself (123 Sesame Street and the home of Hooper’s) is so rich of details that one hardly knows what to shoot first. If you’re into toy photography this set is guaranteed to keep you busy for a long time.

Pigeons and Pino.

Boris here. When we got the heads up from LEGO we got the opportunity to shoot Sesame Street I knew I wanted to be in. Cars are cool, but childhood memories are something you cannot compete with. I have to admit that as a kid I was most probably not the biggest Sesame Street fan, but similar as with the Muppets when time goes by, memories grow stronger and sometimes get more romanticised. Same for me when it came to the Muppets Sesame Street.

Pino or Big Bird?

So when I got the set I recognized the main characters, but my childhood memories started to play up. Sesame Street Big Bird was not yellow, but blue. At least in my memories, and so a little research was in place.
This was not Pino.
This was Big Bird.
And the Belgian Pino was a far relative of Big Bird.
And Sesamstraat was not the same as 123 Sesame Street.
Childhood memories mixed up by a little yellow bird made me research a little more and I ended up looking for all the little references hidden in the set.
And there are many.
Including the love of Bert for pigeons (I will let you research it) but it led me to try to reshoot the pigeon scene of episode 1293 on the rooftop.
Not sure anyone actually saw that reference.

Bert and his pigeons on the roof

And then there was my absolute favorite. I still use him today in my day to day work life. The one and only Cookie Monster.

Cookies …

So sweet child memories, amazing minifigures to add to my own stories, a tribute to Jim Henson and a playfull set full of details to play and photograph. Just like Stefan I was sold on this set, even before I got my hands on it and it really delivered.
All the way.

All the cookies.

Your Chance For An Original Piece Of Art For Your Walls

And yes, we have one exclusive giveaway print for one of you to choose. Artfully crafted by your favorite photographers. Professionally printed by the SmugMug team and delivered to your door, this Sesame Street print goes perfectly well in any room.

Leave a comment on the blog why you want a Sesame print (and which one is your favorite) and our innocent SiP hand may just very well pick your name.
Last day to enter the giveaway is Monday, 15th of March 2021.

And if you just want to buy the set yourself to shoot your own images that is of course equally fine. And we would like to see the results (please tag us on IG or FB).

PS. We use an affiliate link to the official LEGO store, and in the unlikely event our affiliate link results in you buying this awesome set from the LEGO store we get a tiny kickback which we put in keeping this site free of ads and other intrusions for you all to enjoy.

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Pieter Lammens
Pieter Lammens
2 months ago

It would be an awesome memory for an awesome (but weird) 2020! My favorite is definitely Big Bird roller skating with all the orange as it was my background on the work laptop for many months.

2 months ago
Reply to  Pieter Lammens

Pieter, how can I say no to that :)
It was an awesome and indeed very weird year.

2 months ago

Lego continues to awake our childhood memories. Firstly it was Mario set, then Winnie the Pooh and Sesam street… I look at these pics and the music from the show plays in my head, I definitely want this set. And of course the pics are great

2 months ago

I love the whole gang (even Oscar) under the Sesame Street sign as it evokes all the memories from when I was a kid… and when my own children were growing up. This set is definitely on my list to buy!

Jason Borges
Jason Borges
1 month ago

I would love a print for my office. I just recently moved to Ohio to begin a new job and would love to add some more color to the office. Of the photos in this series, my favorite is the full gang together with Cookie Monster in the front of the group. All the characters are so perfect, I can’t pick one without the full team!

1 month ago

Arg I still need to build mine and I have the Medieval Blacksmith arriving next week… And then I’ll probably order Winnie. I can’t keep up anymore xD

1 month ago
Reply to  Maëlick

Aye, too much LEGO is becoming a new hashtag here as well.

1 month ago

My husband and 6-y old son are definitely big LEGO fans (and me too ). I really like Sesame Street and especially Elmo. So any Sesame Street print with Elmo on it will be a perfect mix for our family of 3 ❤️

1 month ago

I waver back and forth on whether I should buy this set…but those minifigs are so cute! As such, my favourite picture is one with the whole gang, standing under the street sign.

1 month ago

Time flies when you are having fun. Our no so innocent child hand randomly selected Marieke and threw Pieter in the mix. Keep an eye on your inbox for more details and secure your art print.