The SiPgoesVirtual special edition of the Daily Planet

The Green Lantern has taken over as the Chief Editor of the Daily Planet this week. Having had successful spells at LEGO News, Brain Times, and the Gotham Gazette, he hopes he can bring some of his signature wit to his new newspaper.

Thanks to our special reporter (and editor in chief) @shtacyp

And there is more trouble ahead in the DC Universe. Mister Miracle wants to move to Fabuland City. But before he’s allowed in, he has to prove his incredible escapologist powers to the Major and Sheriff of the city. Will he make it and become the next citizen?

Thanks to our special reporter@_me2_

Other than Mister Miracle, Star Girl is already living in Fabuland City. Upon her arrival, she picked up the duty of lighting the stars above the city every night. So far the citizens are impressed and in love with her skills.

Thanks to our special reporter @herrsm

Wonder Woman had mysteriously disappeared. It appears she decided to take a few days off. Yesterday evening, she was spotted having fun at the fairground riding the carousel.

Thanks to our special reporter @maelickinthenorth

Friday night saw the opening of a new club in Tallinn. Local party girl and “mood cannon” Bumblebee was spotted flying around the dancefloor having lots of fun.

Thanks to our special reporter @hey.light

Batman was caught by a paparazzi drone on the beach reading on his next adversary – The Joker. Sources tell us that he was building sand castle just a moment ago.

Thanks to our special reporter @nutelasabe

Just down the beach saw a near altercation between local fisherman Anton (from Anton’s Bait Shop) and Aquaman. Worried about overfishing in the area and the effect of microplastics on the aquatic environment, Aquaman took the endangered “Olive Fish” right off Anton line. Anton called for Batman’s help, who stated “Leave me alone, I’m on holiday!”

Thanks to our special reporter @iancockayne

Clark Kent, writer at the Daily Planet is really concerned with the environmental issue in Brazil. Fire started to destroy the Amazon forest. He will soon be deployed there to document the disaster.

Thanks to our special reporter @smallthingsphotos

At a suspiciously similar time, Superman has been seen trying to save the forest by watering all the little sprouts in the country. Let’s hope it will improve the situation.

Thanks to our special reporter @ballou34

Early this morning the Joker has been spotted in a waste ground, doing some evil things, again! One question for you, dear readers, at which creature this hand belongs to?

Thanks to our special reporter @eatmybones

The Flash is one of the fastest persons of all time. He can be so fast that you can hardly see him. He also likes to chat very fast so he is running now for his chat with the amazing SiP family on Google Meet.

Thanks to our special reporter @by_a.n.n.a

In a daring daylight robbery attempt, Cheetah attempted to steal “something precious” from the local Post Office. Local vigilante Huntress attempted to stop the criminal act and return the loot, but the fast feline escaped. Clearly more vigilantes are needed.

Offering to try and fill that gap is Cyborg, part man, part machine, and a current member of the Justice League. This former member of the Teen Titans is one of the planet’s greatest heroes, Cyborg’s work with the emergency services enables him to use his ability to save innocent lives and protect the Earth.

Thanks to our special reporter @bevvypix

BatMite finally joined the BatmanFanClub. His welcome gift is a vintage copy of the legendary Detective Series. How cool is that?

Thanks to our special reporter @gehrkesven

And finally, there have been strange reports in Tallinn of a shape-shifting man named Metamorpho. He is alleged to be able to change into inanimate objects, walls, bicycles, even clouds. Our eagle-eyed photographer Jimmy Olsen believes he was able to capture this image of him just before he transmuted into a puddle of water.

Thanks to our special reporter @chrisrosephoto

While the Green Lantern took over the Daily Planet, The Yellow Lantern was sacked as Chief Villain. He now has been spotted looking for work at The Daily Prophet. Is he really going to cross the universe and team up with Lady Rowling?

Thanks to our special reporter @_me2_

This little review of the DC Comics LEGO Collectible Minifigures was a collaboration between 15 different toy photographers during #SiPgoesVirtual2020, our virtual meetup still ongoing at the moment of writing this. See you soon for a follow up to this special edition…

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