Get Ready for some Action and Adventure

May is behind us and we got our overdose of romantic movies. In June we go for Action and Adventure in our creative challenge.

The list is endless.

I spent yesterday (it was raining) browsing through screens and screens of action and adventure movies on Netflix, Viaplay, and my apple movie store to find the right inspiration (some would call it research, others would call it procrastination).

I considered dusting off my box with old DVD‘s. You know, those shiny discs that followed after the VHS tapes and we all keep in boxes stored away for those rainy days the internet is down. Browsing through some old forgotten memories.

Raiders of the Lost Ark. Jurassic Park. Terminator. Mission Impossible. The Matrix. Gladiator. Tomb Raider. Star Wars. Star Trek. Fast and Furious. And even Rambo popped up in my list (the first movie I saw in the theatre, don’t ask me why).
I kept on browsing.
Frodo passed by.
And so did Batman and the whole crew of Avengers.


I did not end up shooting an image for this post as I originally planned.
I felt guilty for not working hard and just browsing memories.
And then it dawned on me.

Jurassic Park in London – 2017

My IG feed was filled with images inspired by action and adventure movies.
My heroes, I like to mix and match.
Creating my own adventures across universes.

A little story from 2013

Matching universes in this small adventure on IG in 2013

Fond memories.
Time well spent in idleness.
And so here is my challenge for you this month.
Not one. Not two. But three adventure-packed actions for you.
You can choose to do all three of them or just one.
And yes, you may skip this month if the theme is not your cup of tea.

First. Tag one of your older works you really like and tell us why.

Just like I spent yesterday going through old memories, the images we took are equally part of our future work. They are the foundation on which we continue to build upon. And so browse back in your own IG feed and look at the images you took.
Now look for an image that was inspired by an action or adventure movie and that still speak strongly to you.
It does not need to be picture perfect.
As long as it speaks to you.
Go to the comments at the end of this image and tag it with #SiPgoesTT_Adventure and tell us by mentioning @stuckinplastic why you selected that image.
Maybe tag a friend to play along.
And engage in the conversation.

Second. Recreate a scene from your favorite movie.

The second one is to recreate a scene from a favorite movie of the action and adventure genre. You can just have fun with recreating the scene or turn this into a full learning experience and try to capture the mood, the lighting, and the camera angle.  
Or just be inspired by and go your own way.
Tag your image to #SiPgoesTT and #SiPgoesTT_adventure.

Inspired by Lord of the Rings, Gandalf the Grey took the fellowship for a walk in 2013.

And finally…

And for the final challenge, you become the movie director and can make the movie scene of your dream. In pictures. The goal is to create a story of (at least) three images representing the theme of the month. With a beginning, a middle, and an end (or a cliffhanger).

And some more…

And if you are up for the challenge you can make a 3 in 1 movie scene that slides seamlessly across on IG frame or goes across 3 posts.

Not sure how to start?
It is pretty easy and great fun.
You create a long pano shot that is at least 3*1 (the 3 squares) and make sure you have some space at the edges so you can crop.

And you make sure that there are three distinct stories happening inside the big picture.

Teaser included.

The story approach for inside frame sliding is slightly different as you actually start with the first image, while in the classic 3 grid post you start with the last first (like in a manga comic book) and you can tease it out over a couple of days (like one post a day with the story).

A classic 3 * 1 story grid.

In the above example in a classic 3 grid post, the teaser is with my fellow green adventures (3) on day one who wonder what is going to happen in the next frame (2). When our dark knight enters on his red bicycle with the love letter, we create the cliffhanger in picture two. Who is he going to meet? And then in image 1, we discover wonder woman ready to receive the letter.

In sliding mode the same story starts with Wonder Woman (1), and we are curious what she is going to receive. We see Darth in image 2, and we actually end with the cliffhanger on image 3 where our green men wonder what is in the letter. Maybe the winner of the romantic movie challenge of last month?

Different narative. Equal fun.

And this is how it looks on IG in #gridview

I personally like to make the image work in the full format as well, as you can see in the final result where it actually is more clear there are other characters in the image. Lady Liberty is easy, but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are less obvious.

The Dark Knight – Private Collection – Astrid Lindgren Barnsjukhuset.

And you can do all of this on your smartphone as well with one image and some easy to use apps, no need for full-frame stitching and photoshop.

So, will you join us in the fun and join the adventure?


Post Scriptum.

Yes, there will also this month be a fantastic giveaway provided by The LEGO Group but the jury is still out on what is an approriate set because LEGO is all about action and adventure in one shape or form. Stay tuned.

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