Time to hit the reset button.
Not on twenty twenty, but on our little project we are running here in twenty twenty.
As you may remember we started the year off with the SiP goes Twenty Twenty post and embarked on exploring some creative techniques. We got off with some light reading on composition and moved on to the holy trinity of exposure.
We were working on the 101 of lighting techniques when it hit us (pun intended).
This is not working.
It is not us.
And this is too much technique.
And not enough fun.
Not enough creative exploration from the gut.
Following the heart.
Being inspired by what is surrounding us.
And so we hit the reset button on SiPgoesTT.

Getting ready to hit the reset button …

Instead, we will be exploring a movie genre every month.
And explore these as a creative guideline.
To tell a story.
Your story.
And there will be a challenge included.
For you to participate.

Reset button invoked.

After #SiPgoesCinquecento, we’ll be staying on the road in April as we will be exploring road movies. Road movies find their roots in the written tales of epic travels, such as the Odyssey and the Aeneid and focus on the journey itself. The list of road movies is long and winding, and includes classic Westerns like Stagecoach with John Wayne, adventure-packed dystopian classics like Mad Max and one of my favorites, Thelma and Louise.

We will come back next week with what creative challenge we have in mind for you but you can already share your favorite road movie in the comments below.

The schedule for 2020

Now here’s our road map for the remainder of the year. The list of movie genres we have in mind for each month of twenty twenty.

For spring, we first get all romantic in May. Then we kick off summer in June with some action and adventure, while July is bringing us laughter with the comedy genre (we may even introduce you to Louis de Funès).
In August we will be exploring historical and biographical movies.
And then we will end the summer and go into Autumn with Drama and Film Noir in September. And maybe some advanced lighting techniques. Just kidding.

As October is Halloween, what better way to celebrate this than to explore the horror and thriller genre. And maybe get some zombies out.

November takes us into galaxies far far away (and beyond), with SciFi.
Finally, we’ll go into winter and celebrate the end of the year with some Fanta Sea in December.
Or should we say Fantasy?

Getting our own cars and cams ready to hit the road ahead …

For now, think about your favorite road movie and what car you take and photo you would make. In the meantime, we are getting ready to announce the winners of the #SiPgoesCinquecento challenge, and prepare for our own cars and cams to hit the road ahead.

7 Replies to “Reset”

  1. Well, I don’t really know what to say.
    Lets take a step back for a wider look on the situation.

    The idea of the #sipgoesTT was a great one.
    Introducing some (very) advanced techniques to the toy photographers following SiP, to help them going beyond their “daily” practice, with challenges, it was a great idea.

    But maybe a bit ambitious, if we look at the practice most people do have.
    I mean, I am an advanced photographer, I know the points SiP developed in the TT challenge. Because I studied this at school.
    But most of my pictures are just made for fun, and I don’t use all that I learned.
    And that’s the point: I think most of SiP followers are taking their pictures for fun, and don’t want to spent to much time with advanced techniques.
    For technique is a bit frightening, it requires more time, and sounds less fun.
    I can see a lot of toy photographers just using their smartphone to take pictures. And when they have a DSLR, a large part just shoot in .jpeg, avoiding RAW formats.
    And most of SiP followers are not devoted to technique as some other we can meet on the internet.
    That’s life…

    I am very sad the crew decided to push the reset button, because I am part of what makes you to take this decision.
    I was not involved in the challenge as I should have been. At first, it was very attractive, but when time came to take the pictures, well… finding motivation to do the job was complicated.

    Also, maybe 2020 started a bit differently than all the previous years we went, maybe the global situation of the world is making us less receptive to such subjects. Maybe we want to see LEGO bricks for what it is: toys bringing joy and fun using our imagination. Our kid imagination.

    On the other hand, it takes courage to say “stop” right in time.
    Now, the crew takes the exit from this motorway, and changes the direction, riding on another motorway, the one which will lead us to more fun.

    So, I want to say this to you, my dear and beloved members of the SiP crew:
    For everything you do with the blog, with IG, FB, Twitter.
    Thank you for all the time you spend, for the passion you have, you share, you bring.
    And don’t have any regrets, any remorse about this.
    Just be happy to have received some participations.
    Just be proud of what you may have initiated with some people that now went beyond their placid way of taking pictures.
    Just stay the way you are.

    In French, I always say “si on ne se plante jamais, on n’a aucune chance de pousser” : a parallel with the garden, meaning that if you never seeds yourself (=fail), you have no chance to grow (=learn).
    French is marvelous with the duplicity of its words.

    Cheers my dears (deers? ;) ), you’re right: it’s not you, it’s life, that’s all.

    1. Thank you for the many and kind words. Taking a detour is hhardly ever eas.y. Then again, we´re (at times) being realistic enough to see when fun is about to hop off the car.
      Truly hoping that this direction will keep it on board for many miles to come. Speaking of it, my fave road movie has to be the Blues Brothers! And no, I won´t bore anyone AGAIN with the story of how I met one of them ;-)
      It’s a little more than 106 miles to Tallinn. We´ve got have a glass of homemade jam and a full tank of gas. It´s dark. At least I´m wearing sunglasses. Hit it!

    2. Thanks, David. For the long and thoughtful response.
      And for hanging out with us.
      We will be including some technical skills along the way and won’t be able to not mention the inner monologue of storytelling. That said. The chosen track wasn’t ours. And it was time to hit the reset button. Fail Fast, they say :)

  2. Thank you for making the hard decision. All my photography is now using my smartphone, and most is taken on my desk with very, very minimal BTS set up. Consequently much of the technical details aren’t available. And to be honest, it’s the ideas and inspirations that interest me, not the F- stop.
    So now to put my thinking cap on… road movies, hmm…

    1. We agree completely, David. Also for us, it is about the ideas, the inspiration, and the storytelling. And we thought that adding some grammar to the mix would be helpful but too much mathematics and rules are just counterproductive.

      Can’t wait to see what road movie will be developing on your desk, with your smart camera at hand.


  3. I’m very sorry to say, that even reading the last few posts about this challenge/project was hard. I know it’s useful information, but this on this blog… it was just not “it”, it was not you. I couldn’t put my finger on it, I didn’t know why it wasn’t keeping me interested, but now that you said it, it’s clear as day. It really was not you. Toy photography is mostly about storytelling, about moods, about jokes and fun, about the vision, about feelings… Technique is a big part, yes, but I guess that should be in small doses of simple information, otherwise it’s overload. And, as David mentioned, a lot of people take photos on their phones and have limited options, and they do it mostly for the fun of it. I do it the same way even with a better camera than a phone. Sometimes it’s fun to just take random pictures of a new toy in different poses from different angles and never posting a single image from that session. Or posting them all.
    Thank you for hitting the reset button as soon as you realized it was not fun. This new challenge sounds much more fun and more engaging for people of all kinds of backgrounds :) Even for me :) I think this relaxed and fun approach is what we need the most right now. Good light to us all!

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