It is Llama Time (again)

And the Llama is most probably the number one minigfigure in this Series Twenty. When we asked you if you were interested, Stefan jumped up and down and said Llama.
And here is his take on this flurry costume.

It just makes me smile

When we got asked by Stuck In Plastic on IG if we wanted to review a minifig from the coming series 20, of course, I would! And the Llama caught my eye.

And guess what. They did send me the Llama-fig and I love it, it just makes me smile.
The happy (double-sided) head and the Llama pullover head with its smile is just made to make you happy.

The smile(s)

I think that the printing is really good from the head down to the paws. And I do have to give Boris right that it would be a great one-piece ;)

A onepiece

On the back there is a zipper and I think that is a great touch, you really see that it is a costume. See that smile, you know that she is up to something funny.

And don’t forget to eat your veggies …

Really like the Llamahead, there is something about it that is just… joyful.


If I look at this minifig as a whole I can see how she fits in with the other costumefigs like the Elephant and the Fox for example. They exist just for the fun of it.
And that is what LEGO is all about. Fun.  

These days we need that more than we did in a long time. They remind us that we must not forget to have fun and smile more. And don’t forget that she brings food, this time a carrot.

After she stood model for me I let her meet her new friends, aka my other minifigs, and they all look happy together.

Welcomed by the pack

Thank you Stuck In Plastic and LEGO for this opportunity.

And don’t hesitate to say hi on IG

PS. And here is a quick behind the scene of my minifigure garden.

It is Llama Time

This review is part of a series of guest reviews by toy photographers from around the globe. To see all the posts, just follow this link.

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4 years ago

So good that the crew of animal suit minifigs is growing with most every new series now, isn´t it?

4 years ago
Reply to  HerrSM

Aye, now my absolute favorite is still the panda. And I am sure I know someone else here who would agree.

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