The Wonderful World Of LEGO Dots

I was happily surprised when I opened the LEGO mystery box.
There they were…
The new jewelry line (bracelets) and crafty DIY projects from LEGO named “DOTS”.

The bracelets first.

There were 4 bracelets in my mystery box:

All the bracelet sets have 33 pcs.
And if you have them all you can combine them all together.
It is LEGO after all.
Each bracelet has a length of 20 cm and for my wrist (I measured it tightly….17cm) it fits well.
So this set for sure fits for AFOLs as well.

Cosmic Wonder

A Black flexible bracelet with little tiles like a planet, a Star way, and gems, and pastel colors.

Funky Animals

A fuchsia flexible bracelet with cats and rabbits and round charms/dots with little paws. The colors are pink black and white.


A blue flexible bracelet with rainbow charms, the other charms/dots are in white, yellow, red and light blue.

Sparkly Unicorn

And last but not least is the Unicorn. A purple flexible bracelet with tiny unicorn charms/dots (they have beautiful long hair) and black charms with stars. The other colors are silver, dark purple, light purple, and pink.

More dots

And if you want more… there is a package with more charms.
The colors of the charms/dots are mainly light green, dark green, fuchsia, light pink and transparent blue/green rounds.
They included 10 surprise charms and the leopard one is one of my favorites (I hope they also come in other colors) but there was also a music note, unicorn poop, lightning, and emojis!
The package has 109 pcs and your imagination is the only limit here.

The bigger boxes

And there were also 3 beautiful blue boxes in my mystery LEGO box.
With more DOTS.

  • Jewelry Stand
  • Pencil Holder
  • Picture Holders

The Jewelry Stand

The blue box has different compartments where you can separate different colors of charms/dots (and other LEGO).

The large part in the middle of the box is for the larger stones to make the Jewelry Stand. In the smaller compartments, you can store your small stones to decorate your Jewelry Stand and I am curious if this box will become a travel companion for toy photographers. Time will tell.

There is also a small instruction on how to build your Jewelry Stand. And also some examples with patterns that you can make with the charms/dots.

For the photo, I used 4 different patterns that were in the instructions but off course you can make your own.

I really loved the silver details on the jewelry container.
The cloud is lovely and the pins are adjustable like you want.
You can use the pins for your rings or earrings or necklace.
The jewelry Stand comes in 213 pcs.

The Pencil Holder

This one also comes in the blue sorted box.
And the pineapple is easy to build and sooo super cute.
One of my absolute favorites.

The top of the pineapple is loose so you can store pens and pencils in it.
But of course, you can also use it to keep secret things in it… nobody sees it!!!
There is also a watermelon container where you can put little stuff like paperclips in it. But again, you can use it for whatever you like.
The face of the pineapple you can change in glasses instead of ice… but my preference goes out to the eyes.
The Pencil Holder comes in 351 pcs.

The picture holders

And then the last one… the picture holders.
The same blue sorted box
And a fun little build.

They are really great and cute.
There are 3 colors of “heads” in it.
Grey, brown and white.
You can build them a little like a Brickheadz.
And there are a lot of charms/dots in this package to make a lot of animals.
The variation is almost endless.
You can put photos or notes in the holders and the tops are also removable so you also can put little (secret) stuff in it.
The Picture Holders comes in 423 pcs

All the Dots products are for 6+… and for me, as an Adult Fan of LEGO it was also great fun and I have been wearing my bracelets when leaving the house.
I hope LEGO will make more extra dots series.
Like more leopard prints in all kinds of colors (black and brown) and more gems and stars!

And bags with color combinations like black/grey/silver/white or gold/brown/beige.

I hope you enjoyed this review about The Lego Dots as much as I did with building and trying it out!
They are available in your local LEGO store.

Any questions, just ask.


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4 years ago

Not sure how big my wrist is but for sure need to try one of these sets …

Thanks for sharing the unboxing experience and happy you liked the mystery box.


4 years ago

I don’t think I would wear that kind of jewelry, but I’ll probably buy some, for my niece maybe, and for the fun parts. :D

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