Week 49 – Walt Disney

I doubt there is much need to introduce Walt Disney. Loved or hated, it is hard to deny the cultural impact of his company when most currently living generations (at least in the Western world) have grown up surrounded by Disney animation movies.

For this week, I decided to pay tribute to Disney by making a series of photos rather than a single one. (A bit like I did for J.K. Rowling.) I mixed and matched my collection of Elves and Disney minidolls. Practically, that mostly meant making elvenized versions of Disney princesses.

The most emblematic princesses from the Disney Golden Age, Renaissance, and Revival.
Elferella and her Elfic Godmother.
Originally taken for Robin Williams. She’s supposed to be Peter Elf… But she could be Elfin Hood as well.
Elf Mulan tried to enjoy visiting Helsinki under the heavy rain.
Elfunzel playing in the snow with Pascal.
Elfsa and her family waiting impatiently for the Finnish release of Frozen 2 on December 25th.
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Tomasz Lasek
4 years ago

yup, Disney is controversial person… not only because of him but also his monumental and almost monopolistic legacy :)

And I love your entries! Not only because of pictures and mashups, but also these loelfly puns! ;)

My entry however, waiting to be posted, is way darker :D

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