Run Forest, Run.

A few months ago I joined my first ever photo marathon in Stockholm. Not sure what to expect, I started to prepare. And I went a little bit overboard. And here we are. Less as 24 hours before the real deal here in Stockholm starts again, and yours truly got a starting number and is (not) ready to do it again.
No preparation at all.
Not well rested either.
And yet very much excited.

My start number from the previous one. Together with my little other half. Too well prepared.

First things first. What is a photo marathon?

But first, let’s take a step back and look what a photo marathon really is.

photomarathon is a photography competition in which participants must take a series of photographs on predetermined subjects in a set period of time, typically 12 to 24 hours. On most competitions, part of the rules is that photos should be handed in “straight out of camera” -with no post-editing or production allowed. Photos are typically judged using criteria that combine photographic technique and creativity in interpreting the theme.

Wikipedia on Photomarathon

A little self competition. Yeah!

So it is a competition. Great, my inner child likes a little self competition.
Twenty four hours.
Twenty four themes.
And so that means twenty four images.
No post processing allowed.
No turning back.
All straight in camera.

Photo Marathon Slussen.

Last time, I went all in. We packed the car with toys for every occasion and theme. I filled up on photographic gear. I prepared myself on some to be anticipated themes and we did some early reconnaissance. We were “all in” and we had great fun. We even had a draft blog post prepared following our adventure, but since we were asked not to “share” images on Social Media until the jury selected some winners (remember, it is a competition and you can win some prices) I completely forgot about it.

And here I am, less as twenty four hours before the new start.

The Eight Themes

When I look back at my notes and images I am for sure not as prepared as I was last time. Last time I wanted to create a consistent series of toy photography in camera. And at the same time make sure they were a story on its own. Here is what I came up with last time around. Please note, you get the themes revealed while you go along, so while you can guess and prepare like i did, you do not know the themes in advance.

Getting started

Thema 1. Folk Festival. We got Woody on top of some local Swedish beers, in front of one of the iconic party boats outside Fotografiska, called Birger Jarl. Founder of Stockholm. We did get the strobes out for this, and Woody for sure had a little “folkfest”.
Thema 2. Transformation. Stockholm’s Slussen area is fully under reconstruction, so I previsualized the shot of a LEGO Building crane with a LEGO worker come handy. Too much previsualization kinds of defeat the idea of a photo marathon and I will not be taking along big LEGO Builds tomorrow.

The night is young

Thema 3. Disco – Shot inside the Party Boat Birger Jarl on the dance floor. I may bring some smaller strobes along tomorrow as I would not have been able to get this shot in camera, without editing without my trusted strobes. And I am pretty happy about it. I would have for sure added some post processing to it, but this works for me.
Thema 4. Night of Culture. A lot was happening in the photo marathon area, and there was as part of the Kulturnatt an open door Tattoo shop. And guess what, little tattoo man wanted to go there … an OK shot, but this is where I really missed my post processing capabilities (and habits) …

Jump straight into day two …

Thema 5. Pulse. This is where time was running out. And ideas as well. Word associations were not working and we had a few scrapped ideas. At the end we landed on Buzz jumping down from The Katarina Hiss. A pulsing moment. Kind off. I did like the in camera effect of motion, achieved with … a strobe again.
Thema 6. Contrasts. Well. Having Mickey and Minnie in BW while walking a graffiti sprayed workers cabin was a colorful contrast for me :)
Thema 7. Transparency. The area we were allowed to shoot was all in the work area of Slussen. A kind of open work area where the thousands of passengers daily can follow the works. So, we wanted to visualize this transparency with Robo and this shoot was a big compromise as we were running out of time. We will travel much lighter this time. And Robo will need to stay home. Sorry dude.

The final shoot

Thema 8. Junction (or Swedish Knytpunkt) led us directly to the heart of Slussen and the buss station we have there. We landed on this one where a buss passenger wanted to take an image of us taking an image of … well you get it. Shadows, harsh sunlight, … and no post really challenged me, but this image was really worth it.

From Eight to Twenty Four

That was the story of the eight submitted. And tomorrow it will be twenty four.
Time to go and check my bag, and make sure my batteries are loaded.
If you are joining the Stockholm Photo Marathon tomorrow, don’t hesitate to come by and say hi.
It is going to be exhausting, challenging and great fun!

Too much gear … really. Too much. Not this time.
Woops. The buss was not supposed to stop there. Is this what they call street photography?

Run Forrest. Run. Again.

This post has nothing to do with Forrest Gump. It is just when presented with titles, my word associated brain goes in overdrive, and instead of just calling this plainly Stockholm Photo Marathon, I selected an iconic sound bite that crossed my mind. Sorry if I confused it. The original working title was WooT.

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3 years ago

So how was it? Have you survived the 24 hours? :D

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