The May Recap

May is over and it’s time for our monthly #SiPgoes53 review. Last month we explored Carrie Fisher, Haruki Murakami, Florence Nightingale, Anton Corbijn, and Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s time to look at your entries that caught our eyes on Instagram.

(If you want to join in the SiPgoes53 series you can still join at your own pace and leisure. Just tag along and creatively explore our handpicked 52 humans. One every week.)

Week 18 – Carrie Fisher

(If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Feature Friday blog post as a May 4th tribute to Carrie Fisher.)

Week 19 – Haruki Murakami

Week 20 – Florence Nightingale

Week 21 – Anton Corbijn

Week 22 – Leonardo Da Vinci

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