Working For Peanuts

Disney Series 2 is just around the corner, which means two of my favorite childhood Disney characters are in stores soon! I grew up watching old Chip & Dale cartoons and have many memories of them pestering Donald Duck! I also was a big fan of Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. Naturally then, I was delighted when Stuck In Plastic and LEGO sent me these two new minifigures to review.

Chip comes with a little acorn made of two small pieces. It looks great.
Dale comes with a small sack to hold all the nuts he finds.

One episode I always loved of Chip and Dale was “Working for Peanuts.” At one point in the episode they get painted white and trick Donald Duck into thinking they are rare albino chipmunks and that they should only be fed the best grade “A” quality peanuts. It’s hilarious, and so I decided to get some fun Chip and Dale working for peanuts shots.

In addition to working for peanuts, I needed to get some of Chip and Dale in their more natural environment!

And lastly, with a few small modifications with other Lego pieces I had, they become Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers!

Overall, they did a fantastic job of bringing Chip and Dale to Lego form and I can’t wait to collect the rest of Disney Series 2!

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5 years ago

Simple and yet so powerful. And turning them into the rangers was pretty cool. Is that Robin’s shirt?

5 years ago

Chip & Dale are not my favorites characters but I love their mischievous face! Your pictures are really nice :)

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