Arabian Nights

Last time, my first post about the new Disney minifigures was about relatively new Disney characters. Now it’s time to look at older characters. In particular, the ones from my childhood.

One of my favorite Disney movies, if not my all-time favorite, is Aladdin. Mostly because of its villain who fascinated me during my childhood.

In company of my brother, ready to celebrate carnival some 25 years ago.

Upon the release of the first Disney series, my disappointment was strong to see Aladdin and Genie, but no Jafar. I had no hope to see him as part of a second wave. Yet it happened. (Most likely thanks to the live-action adaptation to be released in a few weeks.)


Jafar. My favorite Disney villain. Dark deep voice and all dressed up in black, he is to Disney animation what Darth Vader is to Star Wars. While he is by far not the most iconic villain (I would probably pick Maleficient for that), he has always been one that fascinates me visually.

“Al’, I’m your father”

I initially had mixed feelings about this minifig. Indeed, while he’s superb with the cape, dress, and hat, I find the facial expression used by default a bit off. However, Jafar’s alternate expression is spot on.

Ruling the winter castle


She makes the gang complete, at least when it comes to the humans… Iago and Abu are still missing. She’s also a superb minifigure coming with a fabulous hairpiece. Unfortunately, contrarily to Elsa and Anna, I don’t have any minidoll to compare her but it seems the hairpiece is the same as the one coming with the minidoll. (I wish I had bought Aladdin and Jasmine’s Palace…)

Sunrise at the balcony

The band

It’s becoming a tradition: for the previous two CMF minifigure series, I made a music band with the figures I received. This time it was a bit more challenging with characters that are quite the opposite of each other.

Maybe they are singing an improved version of Arabian Nights: “Laponian nights like Laponian days, more often than not are colder than hot in a lot of good ways”.

The challenge

Photographing these figures in an outdoor environment was a challenge. They’re quite the opposite of the Frozen characters and it’s hard to make them fit in Northern Finland. Particularly when most of the land is still covered with snow.

Like with the Disney Castle and Frozen, I had frames from the movie stuck in my head. Unfortunately, none of it could happen. I have to admit that the Belgian seaside would have been better to create the photos with sandy dunes I had in mind. I guess you can’t have everything in one place…

(I’m also waiting for LEGO to release a big version of Agrabah’s palace :D)

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4 years ago

I have to ask. Were you Mickey :)

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