I was lucky enough to be sent some of the new LEGO Disney minifigures early by the Stuck in Plastic crew. Upon opening the package realised I’d been sent the DuckTales gang.

Out in the wild, on a brand new adventure we find the DuckTales gang…

First, we have Scrooge McDuck the great uncle of the gang. He’s a self-made duck originally from Glasgow. He’s now the richest duck in the world and a famous oil tycoon and businessman.

The triplets, Huey, Dewey and Louie, are easily recognisable from the DuckTales cartoons in the mid-80s. However, the boys first appeared way back in 1937 in a comic strip (mainly to wind up their uncle, Donald).

They used to be famous for their mischief-making and practical jokes. Nowadays they prefer to help out their great-uncle Scrooge on his adventures to seek out treasure or defeat those who’d like to get their hands on his millions! Scrooge sees how the mischief and cunning they so often got into trouble for could actually be a great asset…

If you are lucky enough to find the full set you’re in for a treat. Although the three cousins are very similar (apart from the colours), you get some brilliant accessories including a torch, a catapult, and a compass. Scrooge comes with a top hat and tails along with his cane and of course some coins (just a few from his multi-trillion dollar fortune…)

What is especially good about this little gang is that they’re perfect for the outdoor photographer. With a little imagination, you can have them heading out on their own little duck adventures. Out in the wilds of your local park or stream, solving mysteries or hunting for hidden treasure… Or perhaps their mischievous side gets the better of them and they just enjoy teasing their great-uncle instead!

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