Disney Minifigures on Cooktop

I’m among the lucky ones who got a few minifigures for creative review. I’m very thankful that Mickey & Minnie, and Hercules & Hades found their way to me.

The figures

They are all great fun to photograph because I like the characters. I really like how Hades’s hair lights up in a photo with the right lighting. And Hercules’ warm colors really fit his character.

Mickey and Minnie are classics. It’s fun to see them in black & white and use them in colorful situations.

Mickey & Minnie

When I opened the package and saw Minnie for the first time, my first thought was that she is topless :O How come no one ever notices it? Or am I the last one to notice it?

Mickie and Minnie work quite well with colorful environment.
Mickey was quite blown away by Minnie (and the wind).
Of course I caught them sharing an intimate romantic moment…
Despite (or maybe because of?) being black & white, they both really like colors.
Which woman wouldn’t like nice smelling colorful flowers?

Hercules & Hades

At first Hercules only wanted to show me only his human heroic side…
… but I managed to persuade him to glow for me like the god he is ;)
Hades wanted to be mysterious and highlight his hair.
Then I caught him when he wasn’t expecting it.

Photographing them

Taking these photos was both hard and fun for me at times.

Hard because I had to climb a hill for that sunset. I had to brace the wind which toppled minifigures, made my eyes cry and my fingers cold. And I had to find a spot where there weren’t people in the view. It’s a very popular hill around here, the perfect sunset view in this part of town.

It was also fun because I grabbed my Christmas lights and put them on my induction cooktop. I had so much fun with all the reflections. Who else is using normal household stuff in unexpected ways in their photos? Please share in comments ;)

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4 years ago

I love the idea of the induction cooktop. Have to try it one time to see the reflections. Ours is very much scratched though :)

Cool series :)

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