A trip to the market

You know how LEGO ShtacyP loves going for a photo walk down to the shops? (It’s funny, because actual Stacy P HATES going shopping…) Well, she was away on holiday recently, to a far and distant land, and she thought it would be interesting to go and have a look down at the local market. To experience the smells, the noise, the hustle, and bustle. It was a daunting sight, sure, but it wasn’t her first time in the marketplace

LEGO ShtacyP ready to go and capture the sights of the market.

Jasmine’s new pet

Starting with the smells. Mmmm, sugar, dates, figs, so sweet! But quickly replaced by the smell of the…well…Pet Shop… A true menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures. But it seemed that Jasmine didn’t mind the smell. She had just fallen in love with a beautiful white bird. Yes, the cats were adorable, but she already had Rajah. And whilst she wasn’t scared of arachnids, she just didn’t feel like making friends with a scorpion. No, it was this pure little songbird she wanted to keep her company in the palace.

And what a wonderful sign for the Pet Shop! Looks like it was designed by Xtra, the premier signmakers in cities across the world.

Jafar’s new toy

You do have to be careful where you walk in a place like this though. It’s easy to wander down a street that starts to twist and turn, and all of a sudden you are in a corner you do not want to be in! Watch your step in Alchemy Ave. Whilst most tradesmen are honest folk trying to earn their keep, it’s the customers you have to look out for. It’s not uncommon to see shady sorcerers haggling with shopkeepers for the latest technology and relics. You can only hope they don’t use the goods for anything untoward…

You have to admit, the Snake Staff really does fit in with Jafar’s whole evil-sorcerer look.

Frozen desserts

Luckily ShtacyP has an excellent sense of direction and was able to hastily make her way out of Alchemy Ave. By this point in the morning, the temperatures were really rising, and what better way to cool off in the midday sun than with some proper Frozen FroYo & Ice Cream? Elsa runs an excellent stall and service is always with a smile. ShtacyP managed to get there when there wasn’t too much of a queue (although FroFroYo is always worth the wait). But she did have to wait behind Anna who was stopping by her sister’s shop for her regular 3-scoop mint-Neopolitana.

So many options! So many different flavours of of frozen yoghurt and ice cream, with numerous delicious sauces and toppings!
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4 years ago

That’s a great story and review! Such fun! :D

4 years ago

I love how we got the same figures and did the opposite. You took Elsa and Anna to the desert while I took Jasmine and Jafar to the Arctic :D

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