The Survivor of the Apocalypse

The Story So Far

For the past month, we decided to run a little contest to celebrate the release of the LEGO Movie 2. After returning from the 2019 edition of Floating Bricks, we are overwhelmed to having found more than 170 entries. No less but ALL of them are great! Some may even be a little greater. And while many participants truly sent us into an apocalyptic mood (thanks for some sleepless nights), there was a handful that really surprised and inspired us. We do know that we´ve been letting you all wait for far too long. So grab a bag of popcorn and a drink and let us announce the winner of our Apocalypse-contest.

First Things First

Tradition has it that we´re starting with some well deserved honourable mentions. The pictures, as well as their creator´s feeds, are highly recommended ones because the viewer instantly spots the passion and skills that will lead to such results. So without further ado and in no particular order:

Honourable Mentions

@fourbrickstall entered several times with fantastic pics. This example was one of them. Anna´s feed is full of great images. If you don´t already follow her- do so now.

@legodata also creates great images. Please stop by his feed and share some IG-love.

All the dust @pulup blew up here made us take a break and drink a glass of water! Well done, B!

A special place in our hearts is and always will be reserved for @by_a.n.n.a . She showed us that no matter how serious the situation during an apocalypse gets, there´s always a reason to smile like Emmett. Thank you, Natasja!

The Runner-Ups

We like to emphasize that there is no second or third place. That is not because we´re too lazy. This will only underline how hard it was to choose a ranking. So, as well in no particular order: our runner-ups…

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

This one from @shtacyp made some of our crew members almost spill their drinks as they were bursting out with laughter. It reveals a great sense of humour and is one of the very few entries that doesn’t rely on a LEGO Movie 2/Mad Max type of Apocalypse. Well done, Stacy!


@tomekskog also submitted many entries for this contest. One of our favourite photos in particular caught the eyes of the Pixar fans in us. Great and somehow brilliantly scary) work, Tomek!

(Insert Drum Roll Here) And The Winner Is…

Please put your hands together for the winner of our #sip_apocalypse contest:


@ThereAreFourLegos really enchanted us with his series of photos around C-3PO, and this one is our absolute favourite! Hadn´t the caption of this post revealed the fact that this had been shot on planet WaLmart-paRkinglOt, we would never have thought so. Congratulations for having created a wonderfully mysterious story and a beautiful Bokeh!

Thank You All

Now we´d like to thank each and everyone who participated. As mentioned before, ALL of the entries are great! Congrats to the winner and runner-ups! Please send us a DM via INSTAGRAM telling us your addresses.

Tomorrow will have us talking (writing/reading/thinking) about Socrates in our #SiPgoes53 series…

Until then, enjoy the rest of your popcorn and see you all soon.

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Tomasz Lasek
5 years ago

congratulations ! well deserved! I also love this shot!
And congratulations to all honourable mentions and runner ups! Stacy it’s for You!

You’re all the best.

Oh, almost forgot. HUGE THANK YOU for making me one of runner ups! Wow!

Stacy Phillips
5 years ago

Oh wow, what an honour! There were so many amazing entries, I am so happy you like my alternative apocalypse shot. Well done to all the honourable mentions and of course the other winners!!

5 years ago
Reply to  Stacy Phillips

I liked it. It’s awesome. The horsemen were terribly clever.

fubiken / Stefan K
5 years ago

Awesome work everybody! So many good images and big congrats to the winners!

5 years ago

I love so much all these pictures, the apocalypse is here but at least it’s photogenic! ^^

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