Today is International Women’s Day. And we don’t have one but two posts to celebrate this. Our friends from the HispaBrick Magazine have worked hard to celebrate today with a special themed issue. An issue dedicated to this celebration around the globe. HispaBrick Magazine 032 celebrates the Female Fan of LEGO (FFOL) in many different ways.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is #BalanceForBetter. To promote this theme the HispaBrick crew have invited Regina Mateos Rodilla to write an editorial as well as an article about what being a fan of LEGO means to her.
Today’s edition also includes interviews with female builders like Sachiko Akinaga, Mariann Asanuma, Alice Finch and Jessica Farrell. Our own Karine aka Eat My Bones did an interview with toy photographers @by_a.n.n.a and @lady_brick.

And there is much more. An interview with the one and only Tara Wike on the LEGO collectible minifigures series. And Asha Seshan and Anika Brandsma talk about
their passion for LEGO Robotics. Patricia Tsoiasue talks about 2×4 Day, and Evelyn gives us an insider look into how some kids live their LEGO passion.

This and much more makes for another issue full of different, engaging and diverse LEGO-related content. To underscore this celebration, the HispaBrick crew has decided to give this issue away for free. Yep. Free. And for a very (un)limited time you can download all the copies of HispaBrick not just in English but also in Spanish.

Celebrating International Women’s Day with HispaBrick Magazine 032

So go ahead and grab your copy while you can.

And once you are done with that, do take a look at our selection of women being celebrated in SiP goes 53.

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