The LEGO Movie 2’s Suit Minifigures

This blog post is part of a series about the new LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures Series. Thanks to the folks from LEGO for providing us a box of Minifigures that we sent to 9 creative toy photographers to review for the blog.

I started to shoot LEGO a few months ago, so as a new member in the toy photography world I felt so happy when I heard that I could participate in that review project.

When I first saw that new minifig series on the internet, I fell in love with the giraffe suit guy and the crayon girl. SiP sent me these two and also added the Watermelon guy. That was pretty cool too.

Giraffe suit guy

Giraffe suit guy: « There’s a new animal in town. »

The giraffe suit guy is the new member of the animal suit minifig family. The other minifigs are crazy about that very tall guy who feels famous with all those animals around him.

Crayon girl

Crayon girl: « Draw me a friend. »

The crayon girl is a cute little artist who likes to draw all day long. When she feels lonely, she secretly draws herself some new friends.

Watermelon suit guy

Watermelon guy: « Juice anyone? »

Summer is in the air with that Watermelon suit guy. The banana suit guy finally has a new friend to have juice with. 

I would like to thank Stuck in Plastic for allowing me to participate to this creative review. It was a fun project and those minifigs are truly awesome.


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Maëlick (aka Reiterlied)

I really can’t wait to put my hands on those to add to my own collection of costume Minifigures :D


They all look so cool! And I love the white minifig with purple drawings. And I like the lights in the background on all the photos :)


Welcome to the party :)
Awesome images.


I love these costumed minifig! Every time I see one of these I want to start a collection :D But it’s not my priority so…maybe next year ^^

Your pictures bring nicely the fun part of being costumed.