The Apocalyptic Contest

Well, it has been a while since we last unleashed some good old school creative “fun” contest. You know, one without too many rules. So we thought it´s about time we did it again. And what better occasion could there be than to celebrate the LEGO Movie 2 ?? With just that in full swing all around the world we want to get your creative energies back to the max.

The Rules Are Simple.

Get creative. Shoot a LEGO Toy Photography image representing your very own view of The Apocalypse.
Post your image on Instagram.
Tag it with #sip_apocalypse and invite a friend to join in the fun.
Make sure you follow @stuckinplastic on IG.
Simple as pie, isn´t it?

The Fineprint

LEGO should be the main character in your image(s). Should you wish to be looking for inspiration you can always go and see The LEGO Movie 2 at a movie theatre in your neighbourhood. But this, of course, is not a must. You may create a scene from the movie. You may as well rebuild a historical vision of this topic. Or you may just go completely off track and make your very own vision of what The Apocalypse means to you.

The creative contest starts right away and ends on Friday, March 15, this year.
Winners are to be announced on Sunday, March 17 March 24 (sorry, your jury is flat out with Floating Bricks prep)
Early birds may get a special feature, so don’t wait until the last moment.
Only new images as of today. Please don’t tag all your old stuff as this will result in disqualification.
You can submit as many images as you want.

The SiP Jury decision is final, and we will select the winners based on originality, creativity, story telling and photographic qualities, so: surprise us!

The Prices.

Believe it or not: The first price winner will get the awesome Welcome to the Apocalypseburg set delivered to their doorstep*!

First price. 3000+ LEGO Bricks in a box to create your own Apocalypse.

Two runner ups will each get another awesome The LEGO Movie 2 set. So, chances are good you walk home with some apocalyptic bricks from this creative contest.

Can´t wait to getting started? Good! Ready, set, go!

(*) TLG is providing the prices for this contest. The contest is organized by SiP, a Recognized LEGO Fan Media. Images credits – LEGO. 

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Max Lasek
4 years ago

Ha! I’m getting my black leather clothes off the closet, pick some metal gear and going hunting!
Did I mention I chsnged my name to Max?

4 years ago

Quick update – Winners will be announced this coming weekend! No later as Sunday 24.03.

4 years ago
Reply to  Boris

No worries about it Boris, with the Hamburg meeting it’s normal that SiP Team is a little busy and puts the result aside.
Enjoy Hamburg!

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