Week 2 – Cleopatra

For this second week of #SiPgoes53, our human being is the oldest woman of our list.


Descendant of Ptolemy I, a general of Alexander the Great,
a was the last Greek ruler of Egypt. She is also the first member of the Ptolemy dynasty to have learned the Egyptian language. She is famous for having had an affair first with Julius Caesar, and then Marcus Antonius. In addition, Caesarion, the son she had with Caesar, was the last pharaoh of Egypt. Following her suicide (with a snake), Egypt became a province of the Roman Empire.

What the real Cleopatra probably looked like.

In addition to her political role in Egypt and the Roman Republic at a time it was turning into an empire, she is one of the most famous icons of Ancient Egypt. In the past 2000 years, she has been depicted numerous times. Statues, coins, paintings, literature, theatrical plays, music, comic books, films, video games, and of course toys (including a LEGO minifigure).

But taking a photo inspired by Cleopatra doesn’t need to be a photo about Cleopatra’s life…


As one of the most iconic rulers of Ancient Egypt, exploring “Cleopatra” as part of #SiPgoes53 can be as simple as exploring Ancient Egypt.

This is the direction I chose as I feel great nostalgia when connecting LEGO and Ancient Egypt.

During my childhood, I developed a fascination for Greek and Egyptian mythologies after a trip to Greece. It was so strong that back then, I aspired to become an archaeologist.

My team of LEGO Elves Adventurers.

During the same period, LEGO released the Adventurers theme, from which the first wave focused on exploring Egyptian ruins. Up to that point, I had always been obsessed with LEGO Space sets. But Adventurers changed it all and it stays today my favorite LEGO theme.

My LEGO Cleopatra as a tribute to LEGO Adventurers.

#SiPgoes53 and Cleopatra

How will you make your photo of Cleopatra? Will you get inspired by her life and actions, the pop culture icon she has become or will you more simply be inspired by the time and place she lived in?

So be sure to post your photo on social media with the hashtags #SiPgoes53 and #SiP_Cleopatra!

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5 years ago

I’m not sure what photo to take… I wanted to use the adventurers sets too, but they were my brother’s, so I don’t have them now. I will have to improvise something :D Your pictures look awesome though :)

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