The postcard exchange – my experience

OK, you may not know, but I’m ALWAYS late on my personal projects. Always. And I’m working as a project manager… That’s bad, really bad! So, you may read a lot of after-everybody-article from me.

Today, one month after the exchange, one month after everybody, here is my turn to say thank you to everyone who sent me a postcard and look back at the postcard exchange.

The beginning

It has been many years since I didn’t send any postcards, while I used to do it when I was in high school, sending vacation postcards to my friends.

The mains reasons?

  • I’m lazy… Imagine the organization! Buy some postcards, buy some stamps, write AND send postcards, definitively to much work!
  • I don’t like my handwriting
  • In France it’s not a big tradition to send postcards for celebrations like Christmas.

But, as a member of SiP, I had to participate in the card exchange. And, as I like new experiences, I jumped in with enthusiasm.

The challenge

For me it was a real challenge, because December is a busy month. My main goal? Send all postcards before Christmas (following the advice of my crew ^^, nothing unachievable).

Of course, everything went as usual.

First, I bought my stamps quite late.
Secondly, the week before Christmas I had to travel to Paris for work, so I took all my postcards, stamps and envelops with me and I started working.

On the way to Paris, I wrote the addresses on the envelopes. And when you have almost 50 addresses to write, it’s quite a job!

In Paris I bought some decoration for the envelops and postcards. When you’re already late, adding some work to do is a good idea right?

Then, on the way back, I wrote the postcards. At least I started, because after 3 hours of writing, I was far away from the end. So, I went back home and wrote my postcard late in the nigh and, HOORAY, I posted all of them the next morning!

I was tired BUT happy to have done this postcard exchange.

What will I keep as memory from this postcard exchange?

The best part

The excitement of opening my mailbox and find one or two bright envelopes, with stamps from all around Europe and from the other side of the world.

The feeling I had when I wrote the envelopes, like I was traveling all around the world only with my pen and I list of address.

The pleasure of reading some handwriting messages. And the pleasure of receiving some personal messages from toy photographers I met last year.

I can only tell you one thing: it’s worth it, really!

Goals for 2019

For next year I want (will try) to:

  • Shoot a special picture for the challenge, with a “Christmas” subject, I didn’t do it and I regret it;
  • Start earlier (yes, I still think I can do things on time!) because I know some people received my postcards quite late;
  • Include a few postcards for my family and my friends so they will get a little surprise in their mailbox.
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5 years ago

I also want to work earlier this year on my postcard… I should do it now actually to be sure to have a photo with snow. But it’s hard to get ideas for Christmas photos now that it is gone :D

5 years ago

It was a blast! The excitement of opening the mailbox everyday is huge!
And yes, we want to start earlier this year too!
Best wishes
Caro and Matthias

5 years ago

Thanks to the organizers and everybody who brought so much joy to our home and the one of our friends. <3

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