The Corner Garage

Last year around this time, The LEGO Group announced my absolute favorite set of 2018. And they are doing it again. The corner garage unveiled. 

The Corner Garage

The new Creator Expert 10264 Corner Garage is the natural extension of the Downtown Diner. No doubt,  I will be queuing at my local LEGO store here in Stockholm on January, 2nd to pick up my Xmas present. 

What we know so far.

The Ground Floor

On the ground level, there’s a 1950s-style gas station with fuel pump (more on that later). A kiosk and a vehicle workshop complete with a roll-up door, vehicle lift, and tire mounter complete the ground floor.

The Animal Doctor 

At the second level, we have an animal clinic. Here you’ll find an examination table, fish tank, and a waiting area with a sofa. A blue sofa.

The Upper Level

On the upper level, we will discover a well-equipped apartment. The apartment features a kitchen, TV,  a red sofa and a bed. The staircase leads to a rooftop terrace with sun lounger, parasol and flower garden.

The exterior of the building features a classic 1950s facade with signage, detailed windows and a decorative roofline, plus a sidewalk area with a tree and an ornate streetlamp.

How Gorgeous , No?

This charming addition to the Modular Buildings series has been designed to provide a challenging and rewarding photography experience. One full of nostalgia.

Six new minifigures and five animals

The Crew

The minifigures include the gas station owner, the mechanic, the vet, woman, a man and a girl. Animals in this set are a bunny, a parrot, a dog, a frog and some fish figures

Renewable Energy, Printed Tiles and New Elements

A halfhearted tribute to green energy.

There are a few cool printed pieces in this set.  And it is interesting to see that the designers selected Octan Gas and not a fast-charging electric loader which would have been an ode to green energy.

An electrical moped. 

Gas can be seen in Europe as a halfhearted green energy, as some of the gas is considered to be in the renewable category but most probably it is just the US word for petrol. Dropping the gas from the printed tile would have opened up to green alternatives.
An electrical scooter, or why not one driving on water.
A missed opportunity, LEGO. 
We shouldn’t be too nostalgic about fossil fuel.

If you are interested in all the new pieces included in this set, we are sure that New Elementary will take a deep dive into the black ice skates, the special window in sand blue, new medium gray roof tiles, and some other elements.

The Corner Garage. Available in a LEGO store near you as of January 1st 2019.

What do you think?
Will you buy one?

Let us know in the comments. 

The LEGO Group provided us with these images as part of their presskit. All rights reserved to them.

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4 years ago

Seeing this and instantly getting an earworm of “Born in the 50’s” by Police! Once again such lovely details in this build. If only for the “Octan gas” sign…this is already sold to me!

4 years ago

I’m not convinced and I guess I won’t before getting it myself. The interior is plain and boring compared to other recent modulars, and even the outside doesn’t make me particularly excited. That said I will eventually get it anyway because my city layout needs a corner building.

Kenton Anderson
4 years ago
Reply to  Boris

I’m with you! At this point every modular building that comes out is a must buy for me. I’m excited for this one, although I was a little disappointed by the higher price.

4 years ago

I don’t care about the gas station and the rest feels a bit like I already have most of it somewhere… So I’ll save some money this time :)

4 years ago
Reply to  Boris

Yes, the Lego Movie 2 sets will take a lot of my money :D

4 years ago

As a newbie in the Lego universe, I’m just saying woooooo with sparkling eyes :D I love the 50’s look and the main picture with the four building is really nice!
But I will contain myself for the moment, I have other projects, involving skeletons.
One question : WHERE do you put/store/display all your lego sets like this one? Do you have a dedicated room?

4 years ago
Reply to  Boris

Woooo it’s so nice! A library full of books and lego  

4 years ago
Reply to  Karine

We recently reconstructed our flat and had the furniture made to fit, so now I have special cabinets to display my Lego :D Ninjago City has a special shelf for itself, the rest is kind of organized, but as my collection grows (these photos were taken in summer), I have to reorganize :D Now I have new Harry Potter sets on one of the shelves instead of half my collection of Star Wars sets, which are hidden in a different cabinet. Also I acquired some architecture sets, which are now on display… I understand that this is not sustainable, but… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Sabé

Thank you for sharing these pictures Sabé, that a nice collection :)

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