In every end, there is a new beginning.

Soon 2018 will be over. It means SiPgoes52 will be, too.
One week left.
But it’s not the end.
A new year means a new challenge.

Here comes SiPgoes53!

For 2019, we have gathered another list of 52, well, words. This time no values or emotions, but people. People who shaped the world. Shaped humanity and our culture.

Our (very) loose rules

Like for last year we want this challenge to be acoustic.
This means: no pressure, no hurry.

Each week we’ll explore a new person. But to take part in SiPgoes53, one does not need to take a picture a week.
Or a picture of each person.
Or even take a picture.

Our goal is to be inspired. Not burned out. If a person on our list doesn’t inspire you, it is fine to ignore them. If life gets in the way, it is fine to skip a week or do it later. Or do only one word a month.

Moreover, this challenge is not necessarily about taking pictures. While it is fine to make a new picture each week, it is also fine to reuse older pictures. Selecting a picture and matching it to a word or person instead of creating a new one, is a challenge on its own.

The words

Selecting 52 famous people that shaped humanity is a hard task. Although our list is biased by our own European culture, we tried to aim for diversity. People of different gender, with different backgrounds, and from different countries and cultures.

We classified our list of names in 5 categories:

  • Art. Photography, painting, music, and architecture. We have 9 artists on our list.
  • Cinema. We have a grand total of 13 actors and movie makers in our list. It is without a doubt that, as toy photographers, we are heavily influenced by cinematography.
  • Influencers. People who played a political or entrepreneurial role. We’ve got 8 of them.
  • Literature. People who wrote books or theater plays. We’ve got 9 of them.
  • Science. But also technology, engineering, mathematics, and philosophy. We’ve got a total of 11 people fitting in this category.

And if you count well, you will notice this gives us 50 people. Who are the two missing? It’s for you to choose. One woman and one man.

The schedule

Not only have we tried to vary the people in our list, but also the schedule. We made sure we wouldn’t have two people from the same category during the same month. (Except for the cinema category where we have 13 names.)

The schedule is available as a pdf here. We also made it publicly available on Trello.

The Trello board with all the words grouped in monthly lists.
Viewing an individual person showing the link to the Wikipedia page and the individual hashtag we will use on Instagram.
The calendar view of the board.

We decided to start the year by choosing very well known people. In particular, we picked Tolkien for the first week as it should make it easy with all the toys that were inspired by the Universe of Middle-Earth.

Maybe Elves are the perfect LEGO tribute to Tolkien?

The hashtags

Like last year, in addition to the general #SiPgoes53 hashtag, we will have an individual hashtag for each “word”. This year we will use either #sip_firstname_lastname (and occasionally #sip_name when the person doesn’t have a first name or is famous enough to not require the first name, like Madonna and Darwin).

The list of hashtag can be found in the Trello board alongside the schedule.

The forum

We’ve opened a new forum here on the blog for SiPgoes53. Be sure to check it out and come discuss each week’s word with us!

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4 years ago

“Acoustic” is the new “Don’t Panic”. I like that. Looking forward to another year of inspirational influences!

Tomasz Lasek
4 years ago

Thank You so much Stuckinplasticers for this challenge. It was great boost for creativity but many times also a base for some thoughts about the world, people and myself. Great adventure and so much fun.

I’m looking forward to #Sipgoes53! Count me in of course!

All best in approaching New Year!

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