SiPgoes52 is complete!

I did it! I completed my SiPgoes52 project.

There are still some upcoming photos to clean up in Photoshop. Choices between alternate photos I need to make. Some upcoming words for which I want to take more photos, hoping a better one will come up. Some older words I want to revisit.

But I’m now sure that I’ve got at least one photo to post for each of the remaining words.

Inspiration. I’ve waited almost a year for posting this photo as part of SiPgoes52.

But it’s not over!

I’m done (or almost done) taking photos for SiPgoes52. But it doesn’t mean the project is over. Taking and posting the last photo is not the end.

All my photos are not equally good. Some would gain to be remade. Some are related to words that don’t inspire me. SiPgoes52 is for me the basis for more. A basis that needs to be filtered out and reduced to a smaller number.

Community. One of these old photos (here from SiPgoesHamburg) I would rather remake.

I have 52 photos around a theme: human values. Out of these, I want to find the ones that go together. The ones that matter. The ones that deeply match my vision.

Now I will spend time looking at my picture. I need to write proper captions. Group photos together and find themes.

It’s time to look at photos in Lightroom!

Making something out of SiPgoes52

SiPgoes52 is also not over yet because I want to create something out of my photos.

I don’t know yet what I will make. But now that there is no more pressure for me to take pictures, I will focus on organizing my photos. Then I’m sure will find out.

If you have participated in SiPgoes52, I can only encourage you to create something out of your photos. No matter whether you took a picture for each word or not. Maybe you started at the beginning and stopped halfway through. Or started late. Or kept on taking pictures throughout the year but missed a couple of words. All those are fine.

Even the Admiral has tried to create something as part of SiPgoes52.

And the good news is that it’s possible to make something out of your photos, no matter whether you have 52 images or not.

One possibility could be to pick the 12 words that matter the most to you and make a book for yourself. Or a set of postcards to send to friends. Or maybe you have some other idea?


Even if SiPgoes52 is not over yet, we have already started thinking about the future. Next year, we will continue with a sequel project… SiPgoes53.

This time it won’t be 52 words but 52 names. Names of famous and inspiring people. People who have shaped humanity. As soon as we have finalized our list of names, we will share it alongside the planned schedule.

Will Gollum be one of our 52 inspiring people in 2019? Maybe not…

The forums

In the meantime, we have started using a forum plugin here on the blog. We have already opened a forum about SiPgoes52.

If you participated this year, be sure to come and discuss the remaining few words… Or simply share your experience from the past year.

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5 years ago

Maëlick, congratulations. This is awesome. As you know, I took stock as well, and I am a good twenty images behind where you are. I think it is amazing that you worked the words and are now actively looking at how you condense this in a memory. We should open the discussion if we want to have a collective book of twelvish photographers (the number is just based on some of your computes) sharing their twelve memories and we turn that in an exclusive book that the elvish can share. I think that would be an awesome little project to… Read more »

5 years ago

Lets brainstorm a little. 

I think we need to look at the collective keepsake of this mission.

All ideas welcome

5 years ago

Personally, I am planning on doing 2 things: make a book out of all the pictures (and maybe add some alternate versions of some pictures that did not make it online, or some BTS) and a poster with all the pictures side by side that I will print.
But I agree we should make a collective book inviting everyone who participated to the project to provide several pictures to be added to it.

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