SiP conquers Korea

Getting Ready

At about 3 o’clock on Saturday, November 17, Haesook Kim and I started setting up snacks and drinks for the opening party of the Stuck in Plastic – A Toy Photography Exhibition. The exhibition already opened the day before. Yet we were having the party on Saturday so that more people could attend. Everything had to be ready by 4 o’clock.  At 4:01 we expected the first guests and at 4:30 we would start a live-stream with Boris, Stefan, Julien, Maëlick, and Karine.

Getting Nervous

By 4:25 only two other people had arrived.  I was nervous. And I feared that the guests of honor would be left disappointed. We started the Hangout regardless and as we talked, people started arriving. Every time someone new walked in, I relaxed a little more. By the time the call was winding down, quite a few people had interacted with the photographers to congratulate them and ask them questions about their work. I was for sure more relaxed.

Having Fun

There were a number of people who saw how much fun we were having inside the gallery and walked in off the street. By the end of the meeting, I was happy that the Stuck in Plastic collective could see guests respond to their work and ask them questions and genuinely connect.

An interactive walk around with the photographers on my tablet
Quite a few guests showing up …

The party continued until 9 PM and a lot more people attended the show. We left the party feeling extremely happy with the exhibition and how it was received. Initially, it was intended the exhibition would run until November 22.

And getting extended

On Monday, Byungjin Kim,the gallery owner, contacted me to ask if we could keep the show up another week.

The Opening Night

Apparently, the show has been drawing more passersby, especially young people, into the gallery.
And will now run until the 29th.
How cool is that? 

Old and young … having fun


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5 years ago

Thanks, Suné for all the hard work! It was a pleasure to still be able to join despite the distance, thanks to the power of the Internet :-)

5 years ago

Aye. Thank You, Lady Suné. Without this magic email of you, we would not have discovered Korea and your enormous passion and drive to make this happen for us and the folks in Daejeon.


Thank You.

And I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us next. Seoul, South Africa, Mars, … time will tell :)



5 years ago

Thank you very much Suné for all the work. I wish I was there for the grand opening, especially in person. But maybe next time :-)

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