Did I fail my #SiPgoes52 project?

As you may have noticed if you follow me on social media, I haven’t posted a SiPgoes52 picture in a while. Now, it has been several months since my last picture on this project.

If you remember my initial post, I had everything planned in advance. A small set-up that I can install at home. I was trying to think about my picture ideas in advance, and take those pictures in advance.

But one thing came in the middle of that and ruined the initial plan: LIFE!

Yes. It was Saturday afternoon. I was planning my pictures to shoot on Sunday: Hope and Action. I was looking for an idea for Quality, but I was called to work on Sunday, and my plans got ruined.

I didn’t take any picture that Sunday, and thus missed my Wednesday slot. Then, came the weekend of our toy safari and once again, no time to take any SiPgoes52 picture. Then, I lost track of time and motivation, and so I didn’t pursue the project. And now, 20 weeks later, I have not taken any additional picture.

Does that mean that I failed? Will I ever continue?

Well, Yes and Yes. In my opinion, I missed my goals and failed my vision, my project. But at the same time, it’s not because you fall from your bike once, that you stop learning how to bike.
Now, I just need to find the motivation again to pursue the project. And I hope that with this silly blog post, I will get the energy to continue and finish it by the end of the year.

Only time life will tell.

Julien (@Ballou34)

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  1. I love the image. The empty stage. The writer’s block visualized. Waiting for inspiration to come.
    And I would argue you did not fail.
    You actually discovered that a distraction pulled you away, and the mountain to get it started was just getting bigger. First one-word delay, then two, three …

    I am not sure how many words I missed. Much more than a wise man who once said he would try to join and is still going very strong. Week after week.

    I would submit this image to #SiP_Inspiration (if not yet done).

    Welcome back, Julien.

    Let’s check in together in week 52 and see how many we managed to catch up.


    1. Thank you Boris for your kind words. I did put #SiP_inspiration as a tag for this picture on IG ;-) I agree it fits the word for this week.
      And good luck for finishing the challenge. Now, that this post is online, it motivated me to get back on the horse. And I am ready to finish in time ;-) Just to make some pictures, then.

  2. Fingers crossed for You Julien! I believe You’ll succeed and finish this challenge with great result! You were my inspiration. When I saw the well known background and stormies I knew: another word is waiting! Time to shoot! Od course I noticed the lack of new entries, I was browsing your feed few times to make sure I didn’t miss anything and when I didn’t see new pictures I thought ok, it’s his own business. I also noticed your other duties. But I still miss these pictures. And I know how hard is to chase the time. Many times I thought crap it’s Thursday already and I don’t have anything! And I wanted to shoot right during the week in which the word applies. So far so good but it will be only harder. The days are getting shorter and shooting outdoor during week seems impossible and I’m sure there will be ideas requiring shooting outdoor. But I will do my best to finish this with pictures with proper quality, not only shot to check the word off.

    1. I am very touched to hear that you were looking for my pictures, weeks after weeks. It means a lot to me.
      And I am also glad that you too enjoy this challenge.
      As I hope, writing this blog post motivated me to get back behind the camera. I started writing and doodling the next pictures. So, I will start posting the new words starting this Wednesday and since I have a lot of pictures to publish to complete the challenge in time, I will probably post several pictures a week to get back on track. I can’t wait for you to discover what I have in stock.
      Thank you, once again, for your kind words.

  3. It was kind of a surprise to see you stop in the middle considering you had such a well-structured project idea. But yeah when one does something on a weekly or daily basis, and then stop, it’s always a struggle to start again. It’s quite different from toy photography, but I experience that when I play Duolingo to learn languages. And I’m sure it can apply in many other areas of life :)

    1. To tell you the truth, I was also surprised to see how difficult it was to start again. But with summer time, I could not find the strength to take pictures, even outside of this project. But now motivation and inspiration are back. So let’s finish it :-)

      1. It’s funny, on my side summer is my “motivation time” for toy photography. During winter I only want to watch movies and eat pop-corn! ^^
        Your initial project is so nice, you have to carry on! Only because I’m waiting to see new pictures of little Stormtroopers :)

        1. Thank you Karin. I will now continue and finish the project (in time, I hope). But you know, the summer is the busiest period for me at work. My job depends a lot on the weather… It’s not that I don’t want to take pictures. It’s just that I don’t have time and I am too tired ;-)

  4. You did a great Job with your „life on the Death Star“ photos. I love them and I missed them during the time when you lost your Motivation… So I was very happy when you continue your project. Thank you! :)

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