Toy photography, traveling and vacations

Summer is slowly coming to an end. The nature slows down little by little. I’m getting closer and closer to a depression with longer nights and a hard time at work with everybody returning from vacation.
So let’s talk about vacation and traveling!

And about toys, of course.

Traveling is cool.
Taking pictures of toys is cool.
Taking pictures of toys during vacation is not always cool (at least for me).

Here are three stories of mine, showing how sometimes it’s difficult to combine traveling, vacation and toy photography.

Packing without a checklist

Everything starts before leaving when I pack my bag. I’m always scared I will miss the only accessory I left at home, so I go on vacation with a LOT of stuff. And even if I try to pack in advance, I ALWAYS forget something that I will need at some point.

Today’s joke?
I’m writing this article on the plane, heading for a long weekend in Wien. When I left the house this afternoon, guess what I forgot? My skeletons! Luckily I thought about it in the car before turning the corner of the street, so now my skeletons are safe in my cabin luggage.

Next time?
Do a checklist, Karine, just do it!

The mood

Sometimes, even if I take all my stuff and plan to do a lot of toy photography, I’m not taking any pictures at all. I think it really depends on my current mood and general condition.

Last year, I got only one week of vacation and went to Sweden. With my boyfriend we had only 2 cabins luggage’s, one was dedicated to photography material.
And I did … 0 pictures.

Not even one!
9 kilos for nothing.
It’s quite annoying but I try to relativize and set my priority. I enjoyed my holidays during this week, that was also great.

Next time?
Don’t take all your material Karine, especially for one little week of resting vacation.

A resting vacation …

Big cities & touristic spots

I love spending some long weekends in big cities, but I find it difficult to combine tourism and toy photography. It takes time to find the good location, to arrange my skeletons and to take the picture. And when I’m spending 2 or 3 days in a new place, I want to visit as many new places I can. In a short amount of time.

So, I don’t have time.
So, I take terrible pictures (not always).
Like this one, yes…

This one is quite terrible, and I publish it on my blog.
But it’s the symbol of Copenhagen, I wanted to have it.
The place was crowdy of course, full of tourists waiting to take their picture in front of the sculpture.
It was definitely not the good hour when I came there.

Next time?
Don’t take the picture. Karine!
Or at least don’t publish it!
Or go there outside of tourist time, very early!

But …

But … I also took some of my favorite’s pictures during a trip, so I will continue to do it, no matter what.

Do you take your toys with you while traveling?
What do you feel about it?


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5 years ago

Last year I burned out from putting too much pressure on myself to take photos while traveling. So since then I’ve decided to not force anything when going on holidays… And it has worked pretty well since then with lots of cool toy photos.

As for the little Little Mermaid, it’s probably one of the most overrated touristic attraction of Europe. I also failed to take any decent picture of it (with toys or without) when I went there two year ago :D

5 years ago

I couldn’t agree more with these. Too much gear. Check and double check. Both in toys and in photographic gear. How many times I have not taken a beauty dish along (and the corresponding Quadra battery pack which on its own weight a good 2.06 kg or 4.54 lbs) or packaged my (pretty) heavy tripod in my suitcase, just in case. And the same goes for my toys. Especially when we travel by car, I err on the safe side. Woody needs his cars and Jess has her own Mini. An extra box of accessories because you never know. Just… Read more »

5 years ago

Haha, lesson learned. Welcome to the club. To me it was a liberating feeling, knowing that there is no MUST. Whatever happens happens. And most of all, as Boris already mentioned: It´s supposed to be fun, no? Happy shooting…

Nick Sweetman (Minifignick)

I used to pack as much as I could. Throwing so much LEGO into my suitcase I would have had to have stayed there for months in order to use it, I remember sitting in my hotel room without a clue on were to start. I now do a little research of the area on google earth and think about different scenes I could create and limit myself to taking what I think I will use.

5 years ago

The Google Earth is a good tip. I also try to research a little, but still I take the safe for the unsafe and travel with wayyyyyyyy to much.

Now, how do you then handle the unexpected , Nick?
I see a new post upcoming here.
Tips and tricks to handle the unexpected.

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