Week 16: Flexibility


Welcome to a quick roundup of week 16 in our #SiPgoes52 challenge of 52 words.

This week’s word is Flexibility and I’ll share with you some thoughts and own experience with this one.

As with some of the earlier words, there are different meanings about flexibility.


Some of you took a look at the purely physical side of it. (Which reminds me that I should get back to attending yoga classes)


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But looking closer, there are also entries telling about the flexibility that is necessary every single day. The one that is often taken for granted in our hectic, busy and global times:

At work.

With the family.

With public offices.

With business partners.

The list could surely continue for a while.

Here’s to you

I’d like to give my respect to all the people who fulfill this act of balance every single day:

You are everyday heroes!

But I’d also like to tell you all: Sometimes you’re stretching far too far for too long. Maybe between your work and your family. Or between your parents and your partner. Or between some colleagues who don’t get along too well.

Then there might come a point when you feel like raising a single hand is too much for you, not even speaking of stretching. You feel withdrawn in a corner and can’t get out. Please take good care of yourself. Let others know about your personal limits. Because recovering after having gone too far might take much, much longer than you can imagine.

Better not stretch too far for too long or you might find yourself withdrawn in a corner.


And to all of those who feel they have already gone too far:

Reach out and tell someone about it. You are not alone. There’s always someone there who cares.


Last but not least…

Thanks for reading this far and have a great day wherever or whenever you’re reading this. Rest assured that we’re super happy and super excited about every single entry for our little challenge! Have you already got an idea for next week and Integrity? Looking forward to it.


P.s.: Have you attended our party and entered our other little competition? It´s not too late but better hurry! The prize is definitely worth it…

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Lynn Moore
4 years ago

That was a great post! I really liked the second part about psychological flexibility.


Lynn Moore
4 years ago
Reply to  HerrSM

I can definitely relate to the second part. Fortunately my husband is very supportive and my minifigs always cheer me up :-) Thank you for asking! I hope that you are doing well too and that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Take care!

4 years ago

Stefan, I hear you. On a recent management training session we talked about the comfort zone, the stretch zone and the stress zone. Being too flexible and being pulled continous in the stress zone without having the needed time in the comfort zone is not a good place to be, and may indeed result in breaking the stretch. The passionate unexplored territority, the one that makes you enjoy leaving the comfort zone. This flexibility is indeed pretty dangerous and may have end you up in hitting the wall. Professionally or at home. I personally dab to much in the stress… Read more »

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