Classic Space Nostalgia


I think Nostalgia is one of the main things that brought me to toy photography in the first place. Having collected toys for most of my adult life, picking up vintage Star Wars figures and immediately being transported back to being a child again has driven my obsession.

When I take figures out on a shoot, whether they are old or new, I love to try to create an image that explores the backstory in my mind. This is exactly like the way I used to play with these toys as a child. You’d watch the films, hopefully get a few figures, and then make up your own adventures.

Classic Space

I remember the Christmas as a child when I was lucky enough to receive the LEGO Galaxy Explorer set. I spent months building and playing with that set. Now every time I see LEGO Classic Space astronauts I get that warm, nostalgic feeling inside. Whenever I take a shot with these figures, I’m always looking to recreate these feelings which I believe is an experience that resonates with us all.


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6 years ago

Lovely! Perfect read for a #Spacecowboysaturday….

6 years ago

Such a nice, warm and nostalgia driven post. Thank You!

Teddi Deppner
6 years ago

The classic space sets were my favorite as a child. I don’t even think I owned them — I think I played with them when visiting friends who had them. But the space ships I built were the best memories I have of Lego from my childhood. So neat to see these classics having a bit of a revival.

“Nostalgia” definitely nails the feeling I get when I see those figures!

6 years ago

Despite being younger than the Classic Space Era, I’ve got the chance to play with my uncle’s Classic Space collection when I started to move from Duplo the LEGO System. I particularly keep warm memories of the Galaxy Explorer, the Command Center and the Robot Command Center. I wish I could be able to build those sets again. Although I still have most of my childhood LEGO collection, there are a few rare pieces that mysteriously disappeared. Among them printed panels, including the one from the Galaxy Explorer and the Command Center :(

Richard Morgan
Richard Morgan
5 years ago

Classic Space is my favourite era, although it’s a bit dated now, so Neo Classic Space is what I tend to build.

I’m also making my own Classic Space T-Shirts, they are really popular with AFOLs :-)

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