Week 6: Emotion


Another week is a wrap and I´m happy to say we´ve had one more week of great submissions to our photography challenge #SiPgoes52! There were even more entries than in previous weeks so let´s put our hands together for everyone who shared their idea of Emotion:

[instagram-feed type=hashtag hashtag=”#SIP_emotion” num=16 cols=4 showcaption=false]

Tiny Faces

It is no surprise that many did play with minifigure´s faces as their expressions are showing a wide variety of emotions. Our guest author Bennett chose these means in a great way here. Others went like Maelick mentioned here and featured a single element or put emphasis on light, colour or bokeh.

Changes In Meanings

When we talked about all the words in our list of fifty-two for this year 2018 in the first place Boris passed on a link to a TED Talk by historian Tiffany Watt Smith. In her speech Watt Smith tells the audience about the history of human emotions and how some of them have changed. I highly recommend watching it. When I told my wife about it she just smiled and showed a book from her bedside table: The Book Of Emotions by… well, I guess you know who.


And if you´ve been wondering why the featured image of this article is a rather strange one, here´s why:

Personally, I thought too and fro whether to post what I did and explain what it means to me. But in the end, I did do it and never regretted it. I am not going to tell it again but sure want to thank each and everyone who responded. This community and most everyone in it keeps the world spinning day by day.

You rock (both acoustically and electrified).

Tomorrow will hold a new week and present to us a new word that is… Spirituality. I´m looking forward to your new pics!


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5 years ago

I remember that video :) And I remember you told me the story with the gardener sharing the same book with you. I think it is time we update our TED talk pages and add this one to the list :) PS. I love the little firetruck. I don’t know the original story, but it is just a gorgeous little firetruck on the kitchen table for me that shares the feeling of kids ran off to school in a hurry. The firetruck patiently waiting for their return. I think I will need to dig in your IG feed to read… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  HerrSM

Yeah. Time flies. Before you know we meet in Hamburg ;)

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