Toy Photography and Fun

At first, fun seemed one of the easiest words of our little project. For me, fun is the main reason why I started both photography and toy photography. Some four years ago, I was looking for a new creative hobby. I ended up buying a camera, and after, I eventually went into the attic looking for my old LEGO collection. It’s been fun since the beginning and only keeps on getting more fun over time.

But because this word is so important to me, coming up with a single photo that best represents it appeared to be more difficult than I thought…

Choosing a single picture

At the moment I’m mostly relying on my pool of existing photos for #SiPgoes52. Although I will soon need to take new pictures, I try to limit myself to unpublished but existing photos as much as possible.

For this week’s word, there was no need for a new picture. There are actually too many photos from which to choose. So to make the choice easier, I asked myself what is the toy that was the most fun to photograph?


Woody is fun. Very fun. Playing with someone else’s Woody can be dangerous as you might end up buying one. True Story.

Woody likes having fun… Maybe a little bit too much?

Unfortunately, I’m out of unpublished Woody photos. Moreover, the only constraint I put on myself was to only use LEGO toys as a subject. So I guess I will have to pass on this one.

The LEGO Elves Dragons

They’ve been my focus of last summer. I took a lot of photos of them and made a review. I still have plenty of unpublished photos waiting to be used, but it seems to me that the photos of that both best fit the word “fun” and that I prefer were already published. Still, I wonder, could the Blue Dragon be the perfect choice?

Having fun with Lizzi‘s skeleton.


T-Rap is also incredibly fun. Like for the Dragons, I have some unpublished photos but they’re not necessarily the most fun. Moreover, he was already the star of a recent blog post and maybe I should feature another toy?

T-Rap having fun with Boris’ Spooky Girl

The Final Choice

But even after reducing the candidates to three figures, I’m still unable to make choice. So I decided instead to ask around who is indeed the most fun, and who should I feature on social media with the hashtag #sip_fun on Sunday. If you think that T-Rap, one of the Elves Dragons or Woody deserve a “most fun award” more than the others, don’t hesitate to tell us, either here in a comment or on social media.

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6 years ago

Ahh. It is hard to choose. I know you love the dragons, and I fell madly in love with Woody, but the true fun in these three is for me T.Rap

6 years ago

Wow, choices can be so hard…. I think they’re all “Fun” but I’m going with the dragons!!!

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